Why Commercial Air Curtains are Good for Temperature Control


The facilities can have several reasons to add commercial air curtains. These curtains give the facility a chance to do multiple things, such as providing a better workplace atmosphere to save the business money. No matter what the purpose, investing in these curtains will bring enormous benefits to your business. Let’s look at the advantages that commercial air curtains will offer to your facilities.

What Are The Best Places For Using The Commercial Air Curtain?


As we have already described, Berner Air Curtains are perfect for temperature regulation. To make sure you get the most from your commercial air curtains, they need to be put in the best positions in your facility.

Here are certain areas in your house that will have the most effect on your air curtains.

  • Entry/Exit
  • Between the rooms with significant temperature changes
  • Places with a high foot traffic level
  • Places where even the door to the outside is open for a long period.

Why Is Temperature Regulation In a Commercial Facility Important?

Temperature management is essential for their supplies and materials in certain plants. Sites such as restaurants need to keep the freezers running at the correct temperature or avoid ruining all food kept in the refrigerator. Pharmaceutical facilities often need to keep chosen rooms cool for storing purposes. In both of these cases, industrial air curtains are what can help to sustain these cold regions.

Often it’s not even that rooms need to be held at a freezing temperature; it’s that without an air curtain, the temperature in the room might fluctuate wildly. Any HVAC machine that you have will have to work intensely to keep up with improvements in the space.

There Are Many Advantages Of Adding An Air Curtain In Commercial Buildings.

1. Generates Greater Comfort

Making customers happy is a must for all commercial businesses; cold premises can turn customers off and impact the employees’ efficiency. In the winter, the air curtains interrupt the normal convection cycle of hot air spilling out of the open door and replacing the incoming cold air. On hot and cold days, air curtains hold customers are sitting next to the entrance, or happily waiting for a seat, in a cozy, smoke-free atmosphere.

Combining an air curtain with a welcoming environment and decent interior design will draw buyers and hold them indoors longer.

An air curtain is an opportunity that not only decreases your outgoing costs but also increases your earnings.

2. Reduces The Cost Of Electricity

The open door welcomes clients, but it often invites unwelcome cold weather. Modern heating systems in commercial buildings can be very inefficient, especially for large open-door buildings. Air curtains produce an unseen barrier that restricts the inflow of outside air and reduces the outflows of indoor air, shielding indoor temperatures in the sitting room, bar, or cooler.

This contributes to less wear and tear in your temperature control system and keeps you from incurring excessive heating bills.

3. Promote a Safe Atmosphere

Air curtains encourage a healthy and comfortable environment in commercial places by restricting insects and other particulates such as pollen, sand, and traffic particulates. This is because they are designed to design an efficient seal by re-circling the air at the facility in a normal operation across the open door, making it more difficult for the outside air to permeate the air curtain.

4. Reduces The Line On Current Heating Or Cooling Systems

For an effective air curtain, the leakage of heat through the restaurant’s doors is significantly minimized. If the heat loss is lowered, an existing HVAC system can take away a lot of unnecessary excess strain. This could lead to reduced use and improve the longevity and functionality of your existing heating system.

The same influence refers to air conditioning during the summer months.

5. Reduced Job Grievances and Absences

Comfortable workers are happier employees, and happy employees should not quit. Air curtains keep the service door, kitchen, and back-of-the-house areas tidy and smoke-free. The air curtain releases warm air from bottom to top, keeping your establishment’s temperatures in place.

It prevents the exchange of warm and cold air, thereby eliminating drafts. It encourages cool air in your commercial building during the summer season, and holds the hot air out, preserving a comfortable atmosphere. It attracts staff and decreases absenteeism.

6. Smells

The outdoor world has all manner of uncontrollable sensations. Your building could be situated in the vicinity of an industrial or commercial environment. By holding the outside air out, we will prevent any unwanted odor from the house.

Reaching The Conclusion


Commercial air curtains are great for helping to preserve the right temperature in the rooms of your facility. Using so helps keep the goods in the highest possible shape, saving you money. However, for other factors, these air curtains are also helpful. For instance, as the curtains filter out hot air, they also shut out the chemicals or pollutants in the air.

Since these curtains will block air pollution, they also help block any bugs and pests that could invade your facility. Blocking toxins and bugs/pests provides a cleaner and better workplace atmosphere for the workers. Contact Air door distributors for more details.