Coachsamuelg The Entrepreneur And CEO Of Close Connects

Introduction (Coachsamuelg)

Samuel E Guzman, more commonly known as CoachSamuelG, is an American talent manager known for helping famous music artists and models grow their notoriety on social media and laid paid sponsorships. He is 26 years old, he birth in Northwest Indiana, United States.

His Startup

Sammuel E Guzman started Talent Management in early 2019, helping out musical artists like Tennessee’s “Mia Mormino”. Samuel has created a social media network for over two million followers collectivity.

As he is CEO of social media marketing company called Close Connects, Which focuses on helping others grow their social media career.


He has created a well-known name for himself that stands out from the average so-called American Talent Managers. High credibility, great work and preparation seem to be the key ingredients in creating somebody close to what Samuel E Guzman is, deeming the title CoachSamuelG.


His Work With Close Connects

He is now CEO of Close Connects which is a social media marketing company.

Close Connects

It is a marketing company which has almost 400,000 followers on instagram. The purpose of this company is to help Musicians, Actors, Models, Public Figures, and more with music promotion on instagram and youtube.

Close Connects Services

You can get promotion from close connects on Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Face book, Snap chat, TikTok, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, Press Release And Google Audits

If You Are Music Artist, Fashion Model, Actor, Public Figure, Gamer/Streamer, Influencer, Business Owner

So, If you are looking for someone who can promote your talent on social media you can use Close Connects, here is their official website and instagram links by which you can easily contact them and can place your order for the best promotions. We are also Sharing the official Instagram of Coachsamuelg, by which you can easily talk with him about your best promotion.

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