If you are a frequent user of online poker and casino games, you might be familiar with this advice: stop chasing losses. Though it is a good suggestion, you occasionally get a significant win when you pursue losses, which can help recoup the amount you have lost in previous rounds.

The majority of gamblers who begin pursuing losses do not maintain a strategy. They tend to fall behind and make decisions in a hurry to recoup their losses. It is a risky habit, and in the end, they might get unlucky and lose relatively more money rather than recovering their losses.


You have to quit chasing losses in this manner. However, if you have a strategy in place before you begin gambling, you may integrate chasing losses into your technique. But make sure that your plan can preserve at least a portion of your money while also giving you the opportunity to strike a big win now and then.

Top 3 Tips For Chasing Losses In Online Casino And Poker Games

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Separating Your Bankroll


One best and quite effective strategy for pursuing losses without ruining your bankroll is segregating your money. It is a straightforward procedure that allows you to chase losses while safeguarding a portion of your bankroll. Based on your risk tolerance and specific objectives, you can apply this strategy in several ways.

Divide your money into two halves to employ the segregation strategy. As per your necessities, you can either divide it into two equal portions or other ratios. Use one piece of your bankroll to play the casinos or poker games and the other part to chase losses.

For instance, if you have a bankroll of $500, you can split it into two $250 parts. Then you can utilize the first $250 for playing online poker, casinos, or other games. It would be best to use the Martingale system as it has more winning chances. With the other $250, you can start playing the games again and chase losses if you have lost the first amount.

Double Or Nothing Method


The double or nothing method is another way to deal with chasing losses. It is an easy approach, and if you employ it every time you wager, it will either double your initial fund or make you lose everything. One best thing about this strategy is that you will know what the probable results are even before starting it.

The double or nothing approach requires you to begin with a specified fund and place bets until you double your money or lose everything. Let us imagine that you are planning to try the double or nothing technique with a trial bankroll of $100. It implies that you will either win $200 or lose everything. Hence, if you win, you can acquire double the profits, and in case if you have lost the game, you will get nothing.

Changing The Game


The majority of gambling site users are captivated to chase losses more often. At the very least, you can have a realistic sense of the probabilities if you utilize it as an aspect of your entire strategy and know what you are going to do when you begin. However, the best approach to play online poker and casino games is to avoid placing yourself in a position where you will need to chase losses.

Finding games with a low house edge and studying them until you know what to expect every time you play them is one best method to do this. Another option is to quit playing specific games and focus on those that provide you with a reasonable possibility of winning.

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Chasing Losses?


Considering the addiction rate of online casinos and poker games, it might be difficult for players to stop chasing losses. However, it is better to know how to avoid chasing losses as it can help you not to lose any more funds in critical conditions.

Many gamblers believe that they are lucky and will recover all the lost amount by chasing losses. However, it is high time to keep in mind that chasing losses is actually risky, and there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. So, it is better to stop being obsessed with taking back your funds.

Though nobody wants to lose in any kind of things, it is better not to take it personally if you ever lost an online casino or poker match. There is no need for you to convince anyone that you did everything in the right way as it can make you feel pressured, which results in you making risky decisions.

After losing a match, it is best to take a break from the game as there is a chance that you might make some serious decisions. Set the game aside, and make sure to relax yourself before resuming the games. When you are relaxed, you will feel better, which can help you avoid the idea of chasing losses.

Bottom Line


As we have mentioned previously, chasing losses is not the best idea when it comes to online poker, and casino games because: Is there even one time when it is okay to chase losses? Chasing losses can result in a greater loss, but if you integrate it into your gaming strategy, it will be possible for you to chase the losses without eradicating your bankroll. All the tips mentioned above will help you to safely chase your losses in online poker and casino games.