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Cereals and cereal products are important food resources, especially for breakfast, worldwide. Cereal blends are a mixture of mixed pellets and cereal meal, which contain wheat, maize, barley, etc. Breakfast cereals are normally a Western breakfast. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of people, the demand for instant breakfast and cereal blends is increasing. Growth of the market for cereal blends is the result of change in breakfast trends. Consumers prefer ready-to-eat breakfast, innovative flavors and ingredients, and portable snacks. Hence, the market players need to think out of the box.

Health, taste, and convenience are driving the growth of the cereal blends market

Among all trending breakfasts, cereal blends, which are a good ready-to-eat breakfast option, are the most popular. New themes of cereal blends such as ‘design by kids for kids’, will help drive the biggest market segment that is children, for the cereal blends market. Manufacturers of cereal blends are introducing varied flavors such as snacking granola, meat and veggie cereal bars, and others to cater to the customers from different regions. Market players are using different marketing strategies to attract more customers. For instance, Kellogg’s released a Special K Nourish Berries & Peaches Cereal, which they claim helps lose weight in just a week. Health, taste, and convenience are key drivers for the cereal blends market.

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There are some regional restraints in the cereal blends market. Every market is dictated by the country’s food culture and eating habits of the consumers, for example, Chinese people prefer a hot breakfast. Accordingly, market players need to customize their cereal blends. Many manufacturers are focusing on this to capture and expand their share in the cereal blends market.

Global Cereal Blends: Market Segmentation

On the basis of nature the global cereal blends market has been segmented as-

  • Organic Cereal Blends
  • Conventional Cereal Blends

On the basis of form the global cereal blends market has been segmented as –

  • Granules Cereal Blends
  • Powder Cereal Blends
  • Paste Cereal Blends

On the basis of the sales channel, the global cereal blends market has been segmented as –

  • Hypermarket/Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Online Stores

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On the basis of source the global cereal blends market has been segmented as –

  • Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Ancient Grains
  • Confections

Global Cereal Blends Market: Key Market Players

Some of the major manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global cereal blends market are BizVibe, Kashi Company, Post Consumer Brands LLC. Nature’s Path Foods, Cascadian Farm Organic., Annie’s Homegrown, Inc., Barbara’s, Ambrosial LLC., Freeland Foods, and Tierra Farm. Apart from the above-mentioned companies, many other manufacturers are interested in cereal blends because of the changes in customer preferences. Busy lifestyle of consumers and interesting flavors available in the cereals blends are increasing the demand and market size for cereal blends.

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Opportunities for Market Participants in the Cereal Blends Market

Consumers are becoming more conscious about their diet and health. Hence, they are gradually shifting their diet from animal-based to plant-based. Hence, the cereal blends market is expected to substantially grow in the future. The health benefits of cereal blends and upcoming flavors are attracting customers. Manufacturers can capitalize on this trend by introducing new flavors such as floral cereal blends (violets, lavender, elderflowers, cherry blossom), or spicy flavors. In cereal blends, spicy flavor is also a good market segment to capitalize on, as many people prefer spicy food. Consumers enjoy cereal blends not only breakfast, but also as evening snacks or sometimes even for dinner. Working women choose cereal blends for their families, because they trust these to be healthy food options. All age groups are the targeted audiences for cereals blends. This is the best opportunity for new players to enter the market with innovative flavors according to regional customer preferences. It is also found that people are more influenced by advertisements and celebrity endorsements. Attractive advertisements and social media campaigns on health by celebrities can increase the sales of cereal blends.

The world has undergone a major shift in the way of living since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. A notable change in the functioning of various businesses and sectors has influenced their working mechanisms extensively. The food and beverage sector is no stranger to this change. Transparency Market Research (TMR) has studied many aspects concerning the difference between the trends in the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic world across the food and beverage industry.

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