CBD vs THC – what is the better option to manage pain?

When people have chronic pains and they want to treat it through organic ways, the first question that pops up in their mind is whether they should use THC or CBD? If you do not know, let me explain that these both substances are present in cannabis plant and these two compounds are used to manage pain, however, these compounds are quite different in their nature and they are both recommended for different purposes. Marijuana has long been associated with pain relief and now with the increased popularity of CBD, people are using it more often to manage pain for arthritis and other bone related issues. Different varieties of cannabis plant have different chemical composition, however two things which are common in every cannabis plant are THC and CBD.

Different effect of CBD and THC:

Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol are different in terms of the effect they produce in human body. For instance, the main reason of taking marijuana is to get high and this high effect is caused by THC, not the CBD. On the other hand, CBD is less dangerous, and it is highly recommended to manage pain related symptoms. There is less research performed on CBD as compared to THC and that is the reason why researchers are not very sure how CBD works on human body. However, the mechanism is quite similar to that of THC without bringing the harmful effects.

THC has the potential to activate certain cannabinoid receptors in human brain. When the receptors in nerve cells are activated, human body starts to feel relief in pain. It works almost in the same way as other medications or pain relievers would work.

How does CBD work?

CBD plays a similar role as THC would produce but it would not cause any effect of high in the mind. Therefore, it is considered more safe and secure drug as compared to the THC. This is the reason why cbd oil canada with a lower percentage of THC is allowed to sell. THC is considered illegal; however, the legality of CBD is becoming more common in different states and regions of the world, including Canada. CBD helps in the reduction of anxiety symptoms and that is how it affects pain management.

CBD also affects the areas where inflammation is present. It fights inflammation and as a result it is considered a good source to manage pain in physical form. Much of the effect of CBD is psychological, but there are researches being conducted which provides evidence that it has physical effects as well which help a man deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

What is better – THC or CBD?
There is no conclusive evidence available about one being the better drug but as it is confirmed that cbd cream Canada has gained a legal status, therefore it is quite obvious to use this form of drug as compared to something which is not acceptable by legal authorities.