CatchFood launches its platform in Saudi Arabia to more than 1200 restaurants

As part of the efforts of the CatchFood platform for online food ordering services and to help limit the spread of Corona Virus 19, the CEO of Catch Food website Ahmad A Najar launched the Catch Food platform specialized in food orders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a framework to help limit the spread of the virus , By ordering food and viewing the menu menus for each restaurant in the region, where the site supports Arabic and English. The platform will be a base for all restaurants and those concerned with them to help them, starting from its role in supporting and assisting restaurant projects to face the repercussions of this pandemic mainly on the restaurant market, and on the source of their income.

Ahmad A Najar CEO CatchFood called on the owners of restaurants involved in adding their menus to interact with the platform and send their menu and offers, as the restaurants support team adds them to you on the CatchFood website; To follow up on its continuous updating and ease of conducting food ordering process. Where restaurant owners are the ones who control the management of their restaurants by entering the dashboard for managing the restaurant and controlling all the features in it. Where CatchFood has been operating since 2015 as a main site in the United States and in some middle east such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and then in Saudi Arabia.

The CatchFood Support team added: “Our goal and principles being a non-profit site for online food orders is to provide a unique and easy business model that will increase the income of restaurants and facilitate their requests in the market for what is beneficial in the world of e-commerce, while maintaining at the same time On the best options offered for safe and reliable shopping through CatchFood and adding secure payment gateways through our platform in order to protect its users.”

It is worth noting that CatchFood had launched five electronic applications in the Middle East to support restaurants in the Corona pandemic in order to help and support restaurant owners, as “nearly 1,800” restaurants were added, distributed to Arab countries through the platform. Where the ratings came between the “wonderful” and the “excellent” through its customers, describing it as an important platform for viewing all restaurants and menus through it.