Online casino games are basically any kind of casino game played in the internet world.

Categories of online casino games

  • Web dependent games

These games are played on the web through a browser from a remote device. The entire game including the graphics, animations and sounds loads on the web on the device.

  • Download dependent games

The software of these games has to be downloaded before the game can be played. The online software basically runs faster than the web dependent games. This is because the content of the downloaded game is cached unlike the web game which loads directly from the internet. The preparation and installation of the games however do take time. The user also runs at risk of downloading virus with the software.


Types of games

  • Virtual games

These games make use of a random generator to determine the outcome of a game. The generator is able to provide satisfactory results similar to outcomes at real life casinos. The rolling of a dice, dealing of cards and spinning of a wheel are all addressed as with a random generator which makes real life actions unnecessary.

  • Live dealer games

These are opposite of virtual games. They are online games but are however dependent on outcomes based on real life actions. The outcomes are usually related from a live casino or a studio made to look like a real casino.

These games are impressively created to give the feel of a real casino. The software of the games are created in such a way that allows the dealer to give back verbal reports on the outcome of the games. The games are actually costlier than the virtual games. The virtual games require little expense to run while these games hire the services of expert video makers and technical specialists for the smooth running of the games.

Examples of online casino games


This game gained impressively high recognition upon introduction to the internet. The revenue accrued by the game shot into the sky in a couple of years after introduction. It’s a card game between players who play against each other rather than against the dealer.

The online version of the game reduces communication between the players as players tend to become more alert to the actions of other players.

The game attracts more players online because it’s cheaper than the physical game.

Big six wheel of Fortune

This game is an unbalanced game of chance. The game is played using a big vertical wheel. The game is played in different variants which include money wheel and dice wheel.

Slot machines

This machine is featured on the virtual world by the usage of random generators to display the arrangement of different characters in different sequence. The game includes btc slots that give bonuses such as refund bonus and welcome bonus. Cryptocurrencies are not just used for transaction but also as characters won in the slots. Specific arrangement on the payline guarantees winning of bets placed.