Carpet Yarn Market 2024 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth 2024

Carpet yarns are fibers which are made by spinning, twisting, texturing, wrapping, and knitting yarn. These yarns are made by assembling textile fibers in a form suitable for knitting or weaving. Carpet yarns are used to make carpets by making the loops of the yarn. There are two types of loops: level loops and multi-level loops. Their twisting and texturing are done to get new designs in the carpet. Some manufacturers give uneven designs while knitting and twisting the carpet yarn. Carpet yarns are made from natural as well as synthetic yarn. The materials which are used to produce fancy yarns are cotton, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, blend, etc.

Easy availability of carpet yarn has driven the demand for the product. Availability of different type of knitting has given the opportunity to the consumers to buy the new and different types of carpets. Building of luxurious hotels in the countries has spurt the demand for the global carpet yarn market.

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Carpet Yarn Market – Competitive Landscape

Aquafil S.p.A.

Aquafil was founded in 1965 at Acro, Italy for polymerization and manufacturing of Nylon 6 fibers. Aquafill is one of the promonent players in the carpet yarn producers. The company has completed the acquisition of 100% of O’Mara incorporated for an amount equal to US$ 40.5 million in May 2019. The O’Mara Inc. produces nylon, polypropylene and polyester fibers mainly in solution-dyed colors in its plant based in Rutherford College, North Carolina, United States.

Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd.

Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd. was founded in 1903 as a small textile company in Scotland. The company established first weaving machinery in 1912. The company operates in 15 countries and has 12 manufacturing plants across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Some of the key players operating in the global carpet yarn market are AQUAFIL S.P.A., Baid Group of Industries, Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd., Dev Woollen Mills, Fein-Elast Umspinnwerk GmbH, Filatex India Limited, Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd., Kingbird, Nantong NTEC Monofilament Technology Co., Ltd., Parkdale Mills, Inc., Shahlon Group, Shanghai Shenda Co., Ltd., Spentex Industries Ltd., Sujata Synthetics Ltd., TOYOBO CO., LTD., Venus Textiles, and Zhaoqing Manyuan Textile Limited Company.

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Carpet Yarn Market – Dynamics

Increase in Consumer Awareness and Disposable Income

Increasing consumer awareness about cleanliness and hygiene and rising disposable income of consumers has encouraged the use of carpets in residences. Buying behavior of consumers have changed over the period of time, due to this now consumers are more frequent in buying of carpet. Manufacturers are innovating with the product to make it more stylish and consumer friendly. Internet penetration across the world has created an opportunity for manufacturers to list and sell their products online.

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Rise in Commercial Buildings

Increasing commercial spaces has enhanced the demand for carpets. Increasing usage of carpets in the commercial sector such as offices and hotels is being seen. Demand for carpet yarn has increased over the years due to penetration of luxury hotels. These carpets are warm and provide insulation. Changes in fashion and trends are also driving the global carpet yarn market.

Carpet Yarn Market – Segmentation

The carpet yarn market can be bifurcated on the basis of:

  • Yarn Type
  • Raw Material
  • Material Type
  • Application
  • Distribution Channel
  • Region

Carpet Yarn Market Segmentation – By Yarn Type

Depending on product, the carpet yarn market can be divided into:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Others

Carpet Yarn Market Segmentation – By Raw Material

Depending on type, the carpet yarn market can be divided into:

  • Natural Fiber
  • Seed Fiber
  • Man-Made Fiber

Carpet Yarn Market Segmentation – By Material type

Depending on age group, the carpet yarn market can be divided into:

  • Natural
  • Artificial

Carpet Yarn Market Segmentation – By Application

Depending on application, the carpet yarn market can be divided into:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Carpet Yarn Market Segmentation – By Distribution Channel

In terms of distribution channel type, the carpet yarn market can be divided into:

  • Online
  • Offline

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