Tips To Make Right SEO Planner for Your Business

The inception of Digital Marketing in the business world was a path breaker and remodeled the marketing game in its totality. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one thing that tops the mind of all the marketers. Everyone wants to top SERP. Thus, the expectation is to plan an SEO strategy that hits the bulls-eye every time.

The challenge while creating an SEO strategy is it keeps on changing with the changing search behavior of internet users. Marketers should be on their toes to tackle the evolving search patterns. 

Top tips to help you make the right SEO planner

We are here to assist you and give you some insights on how to make an efficient SEO planner for your business. Here are the main ones to keep in mind:

1. Keep SEO simple and on point.

Going out with guns, blazing might do more harm than good. So, a marketer should think of the 2 W’s, why, and what before he acts.

He should analyze what he is doing and why he is doing it before-hand. He should also consider the fact that in today’s picture, Google has outsmarted itself. It has algorithms that deliver results better than ever.

Today, the searchers want results in split seconds, and Google is very efficiently delivering that. The point we should focus on what Google expects us to deliver. If you are delivering what is expected, then your data/content would successfully climb up the SERP ladder. Assess the growth on a SERP API.

2. Keywords

The holy grail of SEO is keywords. Many a time, it is said that SEO is dying down. Honestly, it is a myth. Keywords are imperishable. Just think of this, how is one expected to describe the products and services he offers?

Right there, you answered it, keywords. The special words that relate you to your customers are keywords. The variation of these words on your website and social media pages makes you visible online and relevant.

Plan these special words to your advantage and see the magic of SERP. Visit SERP checker by WMS; the tool is very efficient and reliable.

3. Inspect your Rankings and Drops

Go over your ranks and the drops that you have witnessed over time with a fine-tooth comb. A SERP checker can be your ultimate ally here, try WhatsMySERP API. It lets you understand your web position on mobile as well as on the desktop. WMS (WhatsMySerp) is a free rank checking tool available online, and there is no need to download any app.

Features of the SERP checker tool are:

  • Mobile checking available
  • Local search results
  • Multiple keywords can be checked in a single search.

4. Stay relevant and in-sync with changing search patterns.

Try to be in your customer’s shoes and think about what it is that they want to see. Think like them, search like them, this bond will take you far. The understanding of your target audience based on demographics will help you narrow down the search patterns. Understand the latest blooming tech and act accordingly.

  • Keep your website checked and updated.
  • Add a voice search feature to your website.
  • Consider question phrases as they are commonly used in voice searches.
  • Track your progress. 

This step would become the deciding factor for your future strategies. Use a rank checker tool to assess your growth and downfalls and act accordingly. WMS, SERP checker lets you do just that!

5. Do not rely on a single channel.

Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your presence on these platforms will change your SEO game.

  • Create awesome content that engages the audience
  • Be consistent with uploads
  • Connect with your audience. 

The audience today is quite smart and like being addressed. Answer their queries and appreciate a positive review that you might have earned from a customer.

6. Keep Mobile SERP first.

Most of the internet users today are browsing on their smartphones, so it is a smart move to first consider improving your ranking here. WhatsMySERP gives you this feature and uses it to your advantage.

The few mobile-first SEOs to consider are:

  • A responsive website should be your first course of action if not done yet.
  • Simplify web design.
  • Redirects should be minimized.

7. Create backlinks

Backlinks provide the needed authenticity and authority in the eyes of Google. Great backlinks should be earned and not imposed. Google algorithms are smart to assess all these, so we should focus on quality instead of quantity.

How to create great backlinks are?

  • Focus on your genre. If your business is related to bridal jewelry, then creating backlinks on a cooking website won’t give you an advantage.
  • Testimonials. Request your satisfied customers to give you testimonials on their websites.
  • Seek help from an influencer from your field.
  • Restore a broken link. Research is the key here. Look for websites in your domain and offer them a link to your content for a broken link.

After so much of SEO math, we might have understood the importance of a Rank checking tool. This tool helps to understand the past and future course of action; WhatsMySERP is a powerful rank and SERP tracking tool. The best thing, it is free and helps in maintaining track of the rank of your site on Google.