Infection Control Measures Boost Credibility of Service Providers during COVID-19 Outbreak

Protecting and supporting employee and customer health have become important in the car & truck wash market amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. On February 52021, the County of Los Angeles Public Health issued guidelines that car washes will be limited to 25% maximum indoor capacity. Even employee break rooms are observing occupancy limits, and must be reconfigured to enable 6-foot physical distancing between employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a slowdown in economic activities for stakeholders in the car & truck wash market. As such, most countries have relaxed their restrictions, which is helping to revive market growth. In order to boost credibility, service providers are ensuring proper infection control and adopting face covering at facilities to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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Unexpected Expenses, Logistic Inconsistency Create Challenges for Startups

The car & truck wash market is expected to expand at a modest CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period. However, several startups planning to tap into incremental opportunities in this market are anticipated to face minor challenges such as unexpected expenses and logistic inconsistency. Hence, startups should adopt contingency plans to avoid unexpected expenses that can hurt profit margins and aim to consolidate processes to prevent logistic inconsistency.

The Russian car wash industry is creating challenges for stakeholders. As per the new Moscow Government, land plots for car wash provided by the previous government were allotted under serious law violations and should be destroyed. Hence, companies and startups in the Russia car & truck wash market should abide by the new government laws to prevent demolition of car wash complexes.

Russia Car Wash Industry Creates Revenue Opportunities for Investors

The Russia car & truck wash market holds lucrative opportunities for investors, owing to rapid growth of car fleet in the region. Future prospects for investors and stakeholders in the value chain involve the proliferation of food service at car wash complexes. Self-service car wash is emerging as a new concept in the Russia car & truck wash market. Since the sector of hand washing services is potentially saturated in Russia, the share of automated car washing is predicted to gain pace in the upcoming years. The increasing number of car wash complexes is anticipated to be established within the territories of cafes and fast food restaurants.

Fully Automated Custom Cleaning Solutions for Trucks Boosting Market Growth

The car & truck wash market is expected to surpass US$ 25.3 Bn by the end of 2031. Automatic truck wash systems are helping fleet managers to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness. InterClean Equipment – manufacturer of automated vehicle wash systems is acquiring proficiency to innovate in commercial wash systems for garbage trucks, heavy duty trucks, and tankers.

Fully automated and custom cleaning solutions for municipal vehicles are translating into revenue opportunities for service providers in the car & truck wash market.

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Cosmetic Face-lifting, Regular Maintenance Bolstering Credibility of Service Providers

Gantry truck washes, conveyor tunnel washes, and self-service truck washes are bringing about significant changes in the global car & truck wash market. WashTec AG – a car washes company is acquiring proficiency in water recycling and digital solutions for commercial vehicle washes and gantry truck washes. Right from automobile chemical supply to comprehensive services in wash bay cleaning, cosmetic face-lifting, and regular maintenance, companies in the car & truck wash market are not compromising on quality products and services.

Drive-through truck wash systems are gaining popularity for heavy-duty power cleaning of a large fleet. Service providers are making use of premium wash detergents and high & low pressure washing jets to clean all types of trucks.

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