Call Of Duty- Best Shooting Game

If you love playing shooting game then there is nothing better than call duty Cold War. It is the first player shooting him which means you will come to see your gun and your teammates instead of you yourself. There are many call of duty parts that you can try on but call of duty black ops Cold War is the latest version of the scheme that you can enjoy your various devices. Also you can enjoy cold war hacks which will be going to help you in becoming a model in the game. Call of duty follows a story which results in making this game much much interesting.


You can enjoy it on any device like PlayStation, PC, Xbox, et cetera. So if you are interested then make sure to stay till the end of this article as you will come to know about different modes you can choose. The game has been released recently in 2022 you can enjoy it for free but not all the modes. Like if you want to enjoy camping out then you need to pay some price for it as without that you cannot be able to run it.

Shoot and kill is survival


If you want to survive till the end of this game then your menu should be in the targets and shoot them right away without any second thought or before they kill you. Elimination is the key to survival so you need to be active and you need to pay attention on all of the enemies around you if you want to win the game.


There are different ways to kill them like you can use Millie attacks or on the other hand is you can use different weapons like guns, grenade launcher, et cetera. So choose the weapon according to your needs and requirements and kill all the enemies in your way. Do not delay any part of it because you need to be fast then your enemies.


Enjoy campaign mode


If you want to full enjoy this game then you should choose campaign mode as in this you need to follow the story and keep going. It also runs off-line which means there is no internet connection required in order to clear this mood as you can play it anytime and anywhere without any requirement of your friends or of internet connection.


There are lots of guns you will get in every level and they all will be going to make you feel mesmerised while using.


Be with your team


You should be with your team all the time because it is the only way in which you can survive and learn different tricks to kill your enemies. There should be nothing much you need to focus on except the command of your team. As you will be the leader so you can also command them to follow you. Thus in this way game will be played and you will be going to enjoy it a lot.