Calibration Tubes Market Analytical Assessment, Key Drivers, Growth and Opportunities 2025

Calibration Tubes Market: Overview

Calibration tubes are used for rehabilitation of non-accessible sewer lines. Calibration tube is also known as cal tube, calibration hose and balloon. The Calibration tube is a non-extensible and reinforced tube. Primarily, the tube is used to keep the liner inflated until cured, once cured, the tube discarded. By placing the tube in the manhole during the relining process, liner expansion can be avoided. The Calibration tube is inserted till a non-accessible point during the double liner method. Firstly a liner (not closed at both ends) is inserted and positioned in the sewer.

Then the Calibration tube (closed at one end) is inserted into the liner and inflated so the liner gets fixed to the pipe tightly. This method for relining is useful in cases where house connections are not accessible via a manhole. In case of tube failure, some safety measures are to be taken. Used tubes can also be put to use. They can be used as guide tubes and pre-liners. The calibration tube can be used for several other jobs as well.

Calibration Tubes Market: Dynamics

The key factor driving the global calibration tubes market is steady gains in construction spending across the globe particularly in regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Government investments and the residential construction market directly affect the pipeline rehabilitation industry’s performance. Globally, the rehabilitation market has a low level of concentration which makes it fragmented. Governments all around the globe are promoting home for all concept resulting in lower interest rates especially in developing countries, expanding the construction market. The driving factor for developed countries will be replacement and maintenance of old sewer lines which were installed more than 50 years ago.

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In the time of recession, due to constrained local and state budgets and a major drop in residential construction, the industry might face the decline in revenues.

Calibration Tubes Market: Segmentation

The global calibration tubes market is segmented by type of tube, the technique used and material.

Based on the type of tube, the global calibration tubes market is segmented into:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy built
  • Heavy weight

Based on the technique used, the global calibration tubes market is segmented into:

  • Sliplining
  • Cured in place pipe
    • Pull through pipe
    • Inverted pipe
  • Fold and round pipe

Based on the material, the global calibration tubes market is segmented into:

  • No-VOC, no-HAP vinyl hybrids
  • No-VOC, no-HAP epoxy resin
  • No-VOC, styrene-free vinyl ester resin

Calibration Tubes Market: Regional Overview

Geographically, the global calibration tubes market is segmented into seven regions namely, North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ), Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa and Japan. For the last five years, North America has seen a decline in calibration tubes market owing to governmental budget constraints. But newer government policies for lowering the interest rate for the construction industry will help the industry thrive, predicting the tube market to grow over the forecast period. Developing region like Asia-Pacific, because of growing economies and awareness, are investing in sewer line maintenance and rehabilitation. The future of Calibration tubes market is bright in this region. The rehabilitation market in the Central and Eastern Europe is gathering momentum, especially in Poland. The prediction for calibration tubes market is positive over the forecast period.

Calibration Tubes Market: Key Players

The key players in the global calibration tubes market are Insituform Technologies, British Petroleum, Layne Inliner, LightStream, lateral repairs, Alaa for industry, Fenner precision, Inc., Darwish Bin Ahmed Group of Companies.