Broadcast Switchers Market – Key Players, Size, Trends, Growth Opportunities, Analysis and Forecast To 2027

Broadcast Switchers Market: Increasing Adoption of IP Live Production Technology to Positively Impact Growth

The demand for better quality video and audio from consumers has resulted in products and technology being upgraded at a rapid pace in recent decades. With content being produced in Ultra HD and 4K, transmission in the same format for improved quality of viewing has led to IP live production technology. This is particularly significant for Live Production, where a premium is placed on flexible and efficient system control. Players in this market are increasingly focusing on product innovation so as to replace conventional SDI-based environment with live production systems that offer system control with high efficiency. These efforts are helping to shape the further evolution of the broadcast switchers market.

For instance, in April 2019, Sony Electronics announced additions to its range of IP-based products, Live Element Orchestrator, aimed at increasing workflow efficiency and reducing system downtime. Technological advancements such as these have had a positive impact on the expansion of the broadcast switchers market, which witnessed sales of ~681 thousand units in 2018. This figure is likely to increase 1.5X to hit the 1.1 Bn units by the end of the forecast period of 2027.

broadcast switchers market infographic

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Technology and Transition from Analog to Digital Broadcasting Driving Market Growth

Since it was first introduced, interest in digital broadcasting has never flagged, as more and more broadcasting is shifting from the analog to the digital format. The benefits of digital broadcasting over analog include improved quality of audio and video, ease of access for the user, and easy storage and maintenance of content for players in the market.

Countries around the world are progressive shifting from analog to digital broadcasting, and particularly in developed countries, this transition has been rather significant. To achieve this transition, countries are investing in infrastructure, which has resulted in an increased demand for broadcast switchers, as such, positively contributing to the growth of the global broadcast switchers market.

High Consumer Demand for 4K Resolution to Propel Broadcast Switchers Market

Rapidly progressing technology that has paved the way for better audio and video quality has led to the ready availability of High Definition (HD) and 4K resolutions, on the back of viewers’ and producers’ requirements for the same. HD broadcast switchers that support HD video broadcasting, which is better than SD resolution, accounted for over three-fourth of the total market share by value in 2018, which is expected to increase at a value CAGR of ~5% over the forecast period.

However, growing faster over the forecast period is the 4K resolution broadcast switchers segment, which accounted for ~US$ 54 Mn in 2018, and is expected to double by the end of 2027. The rapid growth of 4K broadcast switchers that support 4K ultra high definition can be attributed to the popularity of 4K technology, which offers higher video quality as compared to HD resolution. Conventional HD is limited to 1920 vertical columns and 1080 horizontal rows of pixels. 4K Ultra HD has a total resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels, which greatly enhances the quality of the picture.

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North America Remains Prominent Market; APAC Emerges as Lucrative Region

North America, among the earliest adopters of new technology, including HD and 4K Ultra HD, accounted for over one-third of the volume share in the global broadcast switchers market in 2018. The region is expected to remain lucrative for players, as it will continue to hold its place at the top of the table, and reach ~415 thousand units by the end of 2027. The growth in the region is likely to be driven by the increased use of broadcast switchers in the non-broadcast segment in the foreseeable future.

However, increase in the adoption of these broadcast switchers in developed and developing countries in APAC has led to this region growing rapidly in the global broadcast switchers market. By revenue, APAC accounted for less than one-fourth of the total market share in 2018. It is anticipated to expand by a CAGR of 5.5% over the forecast period, and hit the ~US$ 550 Mn market by 2027.