Nowadays, many subjects and courses influence students to pursue. These courses which students dream of pursuing can only be achieved when they are known to them finely. There are various courses and objects available for students in which they can apply, one of them is the college of arts and design. Design course is very much known to the students who cater interest in creativity, art, and craft. This particular course is very defined to its terms as it gives leaning from scratch to professional artwork. Students have to be creative at all times as they have to perform and produce the best fashion statement, which enhances their capability. The art and craft professionals get along with many handicraft houses and provide their artwork to represent the handloom craft.

Types of Design courses

There are different design courses like fashion design, graphic design, product design, ceramic, pottery, terracotta design, bedsheet, cushion, curtains design, and many more college of arts and design. These courses provide ample opportunities for the students to create their designs, which they can later showcase. Students who pursue an undergraduate in the design course have to invest their four years, and students who pursue postgraduation in the design course have to spend two years. If any student has completed his or her graduation in a different course but wants to continue postgraduation in a design course, they have to invest their three years in total. The students need to know the basics of creating the beautiful art and craft that present the creativity hidden in the piece. The art and craft courses can be taken in graduation or postgraduation, which runs for four years and two years, respectively.

The present scenario in the Design field

In the present time, people love to purchase handloom craft and also the artwork is done on the village life is also appreciated. The students who graduated from the art and craft courses get placed in such handloom houses the MHRD also supports many of them as they try to promote more of Indian traditions and culture. Many students get connected with other creative homes that provide the trendy styles which are accepted by the designer houses and showrooms who showcases all the designer items so that one can place such pieces in their house. The college of arts and design are offered by only a few colleges who know the importance of skills, creativity, and talents. The colleges provide many opportunities that enhance the capabilities of the students. These opportunities involve seminars, workshops. Also, they get a chance to visit a professional workplace where they understand the whole working of producing different items or products.

Basic Career opportunities in Design Sector

The students get to know the level of creativity and professionalism involved. These courses provide various career options, giving students the independence to create their style and learn more while working under designer experts. The positions involved after graduating from the art and craft courses can be as creative designers, 3D artists, exceptional art trainers, creative directors, bamboo crafts designers, etc. The students who complete their college of arts and design get many opportunities that they can opt for their career. The students can open their fashion boutique, or they can work as an industrial designer. Also, one can work under a fashion professional to get more in-depth knowledge about designing the products.

What more can a Design student explore

Students can even become an interior designer, or they can also join any expert fashion house for more guidance. The students of India are in want to choose those courses which can bring more professionalism and more knowledge while learning the in-depth knowledge. Students enjoy learning practical experience rather than wishing to gain theory-based understanding. Nowadays, the new generation is more attracted to the art and craft courses, which allow them to be creative. These courses give students exposure as they learn more from practical knowledge, and also they go through some theory-based learning, which will enable them to know the depth of the evolution the art and craft courses have gone through.