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Food contamination is a major concern in the food and beverage sector, especially in retail chains. The concerns for clean and quality food items are on the rise, especially as rapid food deliver mechanisms, and safety of food continue to remain a focal point of attention for consumers. The global BOPET packaging market promises to solve this major challenge with FDA approved films which are both ideal for containing contamination, and flexible for commercial use. The thickness of these films can be varied to suit a wide variety of food products and this flexibility continues to make way for a widespread adoption. Thanks to the growing adoption of BOPET packaging solutions, the market is expected to register robust growth in the near future. The key feature of BOPET packaging to barricade oxygen promises to open new opportunities for players in the global BOPET packaging market.

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Global BOPET Packaging Market: Notable Developments

The advanced method of EB or Electronic Beam drying technology is expected to bring dynamic shifts in the BOPET packaging market in the near future. This new printing technology can make way for newer applications such as offset printing and flexography. Additionally, the printing is also expected to result in significant cost-savings as it relies on low energy electrons which result in lower energy consumption. Moreover, the new printing methods can also resolve conventional challenges such as migration of volatile organic compounds as it ingrains higher resistance. This is true for both mechanical and chemical agents.

Multi-layered Nano-technologies packaging solutions are emerging as key trend in the packaging industry. The key factors driving growth of these solutions is the water vapor permeability and low oxygen requirements from end-users. The growing blend of BOPET and polymer films are expected to solve these challenges with various benefits such as extended shelf life for end products. This has led to an increased demand for biodegradable materials. The growing funding for research in dissolvable materials and improved materials are expected to drive significant growth for the BOPET packaging films market in the near future.

Global BOPET Packaging Market: Drivers and Restraints

The growing demand for fast-food chains and hot-served food is expected to drive significant growth for the BOPET packaging films market in the near future. These new packaging solutions can not only extend the shelf life of products but also help them withstand high temperatures, essential for packaging requirements. Alternatives continue to exhibit low-sensitivity to food products with high-temperatures, which is expected to drive more growth for the BOPET packaging films market in the near future. Additionally, traditional mediums like Aluminium foils are relatively expensive as compared to BOPET packaging methods which is also expected to be a boon for the BOPET packaging films market. The growing demand for cosmetics and rising concern about their safety are also expected to a major driving factor for the growth of the BOPET packaging films market. The limited shelf life of cosmetics is expected to be a major uptake for the BOPET packaging films market.

The high mechanical strength and thermal properties continue to drive growth for the market, its excellent transparency and good stiffness continue to attract new buyers as well.  The rising demand for pharmaceuticals, the growing demand for fast-foods, and trends like multi-layered packaging solutions are expected to drive the BOPET packaging films market in the near future.

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Global BOPET Packaging Films Market: Geographical Analysis

The BOPET packaging films market is likely to make significant headways in North America region. The vast network of fast-food chains, the growing emphasis on food safety, and tightening regulations are expected to drive the regional market. Additionally, the Asia pacific region is expected to register the fastest growth in the global BOPET packaging films market. The growing demand for fast-foods due to changing lifestyle trends, rising disposable incomes, and large population are expected to create significant opportunities for various players in the BOPET packaging films market. Middle East and Africa are also expected to register lucrative growth due to popularity of fast-food chains, and growing awareness about food safety.

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