Booster pump is a single or multi-stage pump with start/stop functionalities such as a pressure switch or small control unit to start/stop the pump. The control unit of a booster pump controls the pressure of liquid flow and keeps it uniform throughout its working. Whenever there is low pressure of liquid, the pressure sensor sends a signal to the control unit to increase the pressure of the liquid and the control unit regulates the flow. Booster pumps are classified into two types: single stage and multi-stage. Single-stage booster pumps are generally used in private homes or other residential or commercial buildings that are far from the municipal water supply. Also, these type of pumps are used where water pressure in the building is insufficient. Multi-stage booster pumps are used to increase water supply in hilly areas for various applications such as agriculture, commercial, and residential. Sometimes these type of booster pumps are installed in high rise buildings as well, to regulate water supply.

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Demand for booster pumps is anticipated to rise due to increasing population pressure and growing density resulting in varying water pressure during peak hours in cities. Furthermore, factors such as rising need for energy-efficient pumps, growing water consumption through a single water source, and poor water management by municipal corporations have forced companies to provide better quality booster pumps with integrated and technologically advanced solutions. Factors such as high capital expenditure, and the product getting obsolete over a period of time might act as restraints to the growth of the booster pump market. Surging demand for efficient pumping solutions and growing industrialization followed by modernization and urbanization crates an opportunity for manufacturers to develop new products and sell them in the market. Furthermore, high demand for efficient pumping solutions has resulted in the shift from traditional pumps to intelligent pumps, which are easy to operate and monitor. Booster pump systems are used in water & wastewater, building automation, oil & gas, chemicals, and power generation industries. Investments in sectors such as infrastructure, and building & construction in developing economies is likely to increase the demand for booster pumps during the forecast period.

The booster pump market is segmented on the basis of product, application, distribution channel, and region. Based on product, the booster pump market is segmented into single stage and multiple stage. In terms of application, the market is segmented into agriculture, commercial, residential, and others. The booster pump market is segmented on the basis of distribution channel into offline and online. Offline distribution channel is further sub segmented into DIY (Do it Yourself), wholesalers and distributors, and third party installers. DIY segment includes products that are sold through retailers, which need to be installed by end-users themselves. Wholesalers and distributors segment includes products that are sold through wholesalers and distributors. End- users need to install the pumps themselves or through a third party installer. Third party installers’ sub-segment includes products that are sold in shops and through retailers. Furthermore, well drillers are also included in this segment. The booster pump market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America based on region.

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Some of the key players in the booster pump market include Grundfos, Aquatec International, Inc., Dab Pumps S.p.A, Eddy Pump Corporation, Davey Water Products Pty. Ltd., Franklin Electric Co., Inc., Kärcher International, SyncroFlo Inc., Wilo SE, Zodiac Pool Solutions, Xylem, and Pentair. Key players in the booster pump market focus on innovation and acquisitions to remain in the competition. Manufacturers also focus on launch of quality, efficient, and technologically advanced products to maintain their customer base. Furthermore, the companies launch exciting offers to promote their products and adopt innovative marketing strategies to attract customers.

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