A blow torch is a tool that projects a controlled stream of highly flammable gas over a spark to produce a controlled flame. Blow torches are handheld devices used for cooking food, striping paint, as well as for fixing leaking pipes. Most blow torches use pressurized fuel gases such as propane or butane. However, different gases are used depending on the application. For example, blow torch used in industrial applications requires acetylene or MAPP gas as a fuel to mix with oxygen whereas blow torches for residential and commercial purpose uses butane or propane as fuel.

Blow Torch – Competitive Landscape

The blow torch market is highly fragmented with the presence of many key players globally as well as regionally. The market has many players according to its application, such as residential (cooking, small household construction etc.) and industrial (construction & manufacturing etc.) usage. Application of blow torch in the residential segment is popular in North America and Europe, especially for cooking purposes. Some of the key players in the blow torch market are described below.

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Iwatani Corporation

Iwatani Corporation is a Japan based company specialized in manufacturing butane blow torch. Apart from blow torch, the company also deals in butane stoves, gas stations, gas matches, induction cooking ranges etc. The company has strong presence in the United States with its sales representative in more than 30 states.

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Auscrown Pty Ltd.

Auscrown Pty Ltd. is an Australian company specialized in manufacture of gas and electric appliances. The company’s product portfolio includes gas burners, rice cookers, hose and fittings, range hoods, blow torch, kitchenware and its accessories.


Established in 1876, Bernzomatic is an American company specialized in manufacturing hand torches and torch kits. The company also specializes in manufacturing utility lighters and fuel cylinders. The company offers it products for extensive applications such as DIY, cooking, outdoor camping, and emergency preparedness etc.


Lakeland has more than 50 years of experience in providing solutions for kitchen wear, home and garden etc. The company provides cooking products, storage, electrical, and cleaning and laundry products. It has strong presence in the U.K. with 67 stores nationwide.

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LN Marketing Pty Ltd. (Hot Devil)

LN Marketing Pty Ltd. is an Australian company specialized in manufacturing propane and butane gas cylinders, gas and oxygen cylinders, as well as electric soldering and iron range. Brands under the company includes Hot Devil, Naleon, and Walltech. Sydney Tools, United Tools, Toolmart, Trade Tools, Autobarn, and Webster BSC etc. are some of the independent retailers where Hot Devil products are available.

Other Prominent Players

Some of the other key players in the blow torch market includes Rekrow Industrial Inc., Fowkes Bros. (PTY) Ltd., Bullfinch Gas Equipment Ltd., and Magna Industries Inc.

Blow Torch – Dynamics

Rising concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) for residential usage proliferating the blow torch market

The concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) for residential usage of blow torches is proliferating in the western region, especially in North America and Europe. DIY concept for small construction in the residential segment is increasing, which is creating a new segment of compact blow torches in the market. This is anticipatd to boost the demand for blow torches.


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