Biodegradable Bags Market – Overview

A biodegradable plastic bag is a bag made of plant-based material that gets degraded naturally into the base compounds within a few weeks. Biodegradable bags are being widely used in the packaging industry for various purposes around the world. Biodegradable bags are made of different types of polymers (such as PE-polyethylene, PE-polystyrene and PP-polypropylene associated with extra ingredients which are examined to degrade in the open environment. These biodegradable bags are used in different industries (like the food and beverage sector, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, horticulture etc.). Various governments’ initiative steps on diminishing the overall percentile of pollutant waste product and replacing plastic with other biodegradable bags are driving the growth of biodegradable bags market and the increased amount of eco-friendly products are widening the area of bio-bags and it is anticipated that the biodegradable bags market will witness a rapid growth rate over the forecast period.

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Biodegradable Bags Market – Dynamics


A considerable issue of the non-recyclable waste has resulted in a disaster in the environment. This has helped in propelling the demand for global biodegradable plastics bags and other products. Biodegradable bags express some characteristics like lightweight and easy disposability. The biodegradable bags are returnable, reusable and eco-friendly. Furthermore, the biodegradable bags consume less energy during the manufacturing process and reduces the waste amount production rate by breaking down the chemical formula only in 4-6 weeks. These are some of the major factors which are driving the growth of biodegradable bags market.


The processing of biodegradable bags involves complex engineering system and costly equipment is needed for processing and recycling process. Moreover, there is always a risk of contamination due to differentiating confusion between the biodegradable and non-biodegradable material which might hinder the growth of biodegradable bags market.


Consumer’s Shifting Preference to Bio-Based Products

Industry-trends are being shifted to eco-friendly bio-based products to lessen the dependency on traditional plastics. Additionally, the manufacturers and end-users from various industries (packaging, textile, food & beverage, agriculture, horticulture are focusing on producing and consuming bio-based plastic due to strict regulations against plastic use.

Growth in Environmental-Concern among Consumers

The rising concern about the environment among people is forcing the consumers to shift their preferences towards biodegradable bags. The demand for these bags has now reached all the industries worldwide. All the manufacturers are fulfilling the demand of pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Thus, the expansion of the food and beverages industry will promote the growth of the biodegradable bag‘s market in near future and new biodegradable bags made of the tropical fruits’ skin available at a low price are expected to create opportunities for the market.

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Biodegradable Bags Market – Covid-19 Impact

The sudden outbreak of novel Coronavirus has affected almost all the industries. Like every other industry, biodegradable bags market has been affected too. The governments’ rules and regulations for maintaining distance at the workplace, declining trading activity have declined the growth of biodegradable bags market. However, it is anticipated that the declining growth rate will convert into inclining growth rate over time.

Biodegradable Bags Market – Segmentation

The global biodegradable bags market is segmented by material type and end use.

By material type, the global biodegradable bags market is segmented as follows:

  • Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)
  • Starch Based
  • Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)
  • Polybutylene succinate (PBS)
  • Cellulose Based
  • Others Materials

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