Binomo: Top 3 Financial Trading Platform since 2024


Binomo is a company with a strong presence in the Binary Options market.

Founded in 2015, the company has its own independent platform, which ensures greater mobility and security for internal transactions.

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The platform is admittedly suitable to serve mainly less experienced investors or those who wish to start their studies and have their first real experiences with high-risk investments.

With a very intuitive layout, the platform can easily be considered one of the most friendly and simple to be used by users with little or no technical knowledge.

The functions are simplified and the overview is also differentiated to suit anyone who wants to enter the Binary Options market.

Another very interesting and until then exclusive differential of Binomo is the minimum amount required for differentiated deposits, which varies around 25 times below that charged by some of its main competitors, for example.

Not to mention free tournaments for cash prizes, learning tools provided by the platform, and many other attractive facilities available to those registered.

As other Binary Options platforms, the company acts as an intermediary between the investor and the assets available on the market.

Its differential lies in the simplicity in which this entire process is performed.

The 2 main trading platforms on the market besides Binomo is IQ Option, for many people, consider the best trading platform in the world, and also Olymp Trade.

All operations are carried out in real-time, according to the real quotations of the assets and in a record time of fractions of seconds. In this way, the possibility of losses even before starting a position can be reduced considerably.

To invest, simply access the platform through the application, select the desired asset, then the value you want to trade, and, finally, a direction – up or down.

Now just look at the income from the movement and bill!

If the movement occurs in the selected direction, the respective profits will be automatically added to the available funds.

With more than 80 options of tradable assets, the Binomo platform supports transactions in the most diverse options of Currency pairs, multinational stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.Before creating your investor register, it is worth mentioning some relevant points regarding each of these investments and their applications.

What assets can be traded with Binomo?

Currency Pairs: This is the type of asset in which two currencies are always used together in a trade. The first is the base currency.

And the second, the one responsible for the variation that will cause profits or losses.

Multinational shares: Large publicly traded companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google can also be traded through the platform.

This investment model is a little simpler since the valuation or devaluation is defined by fewer variables than the example explained above.

Commodities: Gold, silver, other precious metals, and Petroleum are some examples of the most commonly traded commodities.

Cryptocurrencies: Encrypted virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are among the most traded by the company.

Account types at Binomo

There are two types of accounts available at Binomo. One of which may vary slightly depending on the user’s investor profile. These are the Real and Demo accounts.

  • Demo Account: This is automatically created from the moment the user finishes registering on the company’s website.Once “affiliated” to the platform, this user will receive the fictitious amount of $ 1000 credited to their account.
  • In this way, the user will be able to test his investment skills and strategies, as well as test the application in general and become familiar with the platform.
  • Real Account: In the standard account model, for real money investments, the user will be able to make any deposit above $ 10 dollars.
  • Trades will start with investments above $ 1 per operation.
  • Since, when opting for deposits above $ 1000, the investor will automatically gain unrestricted rights to several “facilities” in the company.
  • Thus unlocking numerous additional functions on the platform such as support via Skype, up to 100% bonus on trades, faster withdrawals, among other benefits.
  • In addition to winning the VIP Seal and raising your electronic wallet. For GOLD Accounts the minimum deposit amount is $ 500 and the benefits are equally interesting. It is worth checking.

Exclusive video lessons on Investments

Another service that was improved was the company’s learning center.

This area of ​​the platform already had articles, webinars, and interactive panels on financial investments and related topics.

In this new update, users will also be able to attend exclusive classes in video format completely free of charge.

The novelty makes it much easier to learn about markets, indicators, and trading strategies in more detail and with efficiency.

Live Chat Support

In addition to the service channels traditionally used by the platform, such as e-mail and telephone services, an online chat is also being implemented.

With the novelty, all customers can send questions with just a few clicks and be answered by a professional expert in a few moments.

The new service can be viewed on all pages of the website in the lower-left corner of the screen and does not require data entry, even for those who are not yet customers.

So, this is a very positive update that will certainly make life easier for investors.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Demo account available: Unlimited investments with up to $ 1000 fictitious chips;
  2. $ 10 minimum deposit: Very interesting condition for investors new to or who do not have higher amounts to invest;
  3. $ 1 minimum trade value.
  4. A nice platform, simple but well built.
  5. GOLD and VIP accounts for deposits above $ 500 and $ 1000, respectively.


  1. Few options are available for deposits and withdrawals on the platform.
  2. 100% Bonus for VIP accounts only.
  3. Fewer assets when we compare with IQ Option (500).

If you want to try Binomo for free with a Demo account, just follow the link below and register in 30 seconds a Free account to test the platform.

Register with an email and a password, that’s it:

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