Best Way To Choose The Right Dedicated Server in Singapore

Right Dedicated Server


If you have got your reasons to opt for the dedicated server for hosting your website, you have landed in the right place. Here we will make you aware of the best ways to pick your ideal dedicated server. Moreover, you will also get insights into the top-notch hosting company, Serverwala, which offers the cheap dedicated server Singapore. However, it might be possible that some of you are still confused about choosing the dedicated server hosting service. Thus, let us begin by comprehending the functioning and benefits of the dedicated server in Singapore.

Singapore Dedicated Server

A dedicated server in Singapore serves as a remote server that specifically functions for an individual, enterprise, or organization. In general, the dedicated servers are managed and offered by a service provider, hosting provider, or cloud provider. It is a bit difficult to find the provider offering a cheap dedicated server Singapore as it comes with numerous privileges and advantages. With a dedicated server, you can do any of the following things-


  • Utilizing a dedicated server for hosting a single website
  • Hosting multiple websites of your web business
  • Hosting gaming applications
  • Starting reseller hosting business and many other things.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Server in Singapore

Right Dedicated Server

Mentioned below are some essential benefits of the dedicated server Singapore, which leave no reason for why you should not pick it. Let’s get a glimpse at them!

Access to all the server resources

You get access to all the server web resources with singapore dedicated server hosting. Moreover, you are not required to share them unless you want. Thus, you can always have high availability of resources for hosting purposes.

Complete control over the server

Your hosting provider renders you the root control of your Singapore dedicated server. With root access, you get the privilege to configure, customize, and modify your server settings as well as applications.

High data security

The dedicated server singapore provides you an independent and private hosting platform. Without your consent, no other user can interfere or dismantle your server and website’s functioning.You can even implement security layers from your end to ensure the full protection of your data.

High scalability and flexibility

You also get the opportunity to scale up our resources with the growth of your web business. You get the flexibility to operate your server in a way that is most suitable for you and your web business. This enables your website or applications to render the optimal performance under all the conditions.

How To Choose the Best Dedicated Server in Singapore?

Right Dedicated Server

While you look for the reliable and cheap dedicated server Singapore, make sure to consider the following steps.


Determine Performance Requirements

You must figure out what exact service you wish to provide, how much traffic you are expecting, and your goal towards the growth of your business. Moreover, you must also identify whether your services will be CPU, memory, or disk intensive. Determining these factors will help you know your hardware and server’s performance needs.


Define Potential Downtime

Although a dedicated server in singapore enables your web business to have the highest uptime, still you must define potential downtime. There can be a slight chance where your server might face a downside. Thus, it will be helpful for you to determine the potential downtime you can risk according to your business.


Preclude Bandwidth Usage

You must anticipate the amount of bandwidth that can be needed. In general, determining the amount of bandwidth is related to the predictability of data traffic your website can achieve.


Test Network Quality

The network quality normally depends on the physical location of your singapore dedicated server and the quality of your hosting provider’s network. Thus, you must identify the most suitable location and the efficient network offered by the hosting provider.


Way To Choose the Right Singapore Dedicated Server Provider

After discovering the above needs, you need to look for the right hosting provider. Acknowledge the following factors to ensure that you are looking forward to the perfect hosting provider or company.


  • Your hosting company should be able to grant you a plan for a cheap dedicated server Singapore with high-quality hosting services.
  • It should deliver enterprise-grade hardware.
  • It should offer strong customer and technical support.
  • It should render you the SSH root control of your server.
  • It must provide consistent network connectivity and continuous server monitoring services.
  • It should offer dedicated hosting plans that can support the future goals of your web business.


To make research a little easier, let us further tell you about the Serverwala hosting company that can be your best choice.

Serverwala – Cheap Dedicated Server Provider in Singapore

Right Dedicated Server

Serverwala is highly renowned for providing the cheap dedicated server Singapore with excellent hosting services. The company has also acquired recognition through awards for the same. It does not ever compromise the high-class and high-density hosting facilities while offering services at the most affordable costs. You can find a broad range of dedicated hosting plans with the company for different types of requirements. Opportunely, each cheap dedicated server Singapore plan will come with the following perks for you –


  • Support for hardware Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) – 0,1, 5, 10.
  • Premium bandwidth with which your website can experience up to 1 GBPS bandwidth with the fastest network
  • Support for building private server clusters while employing 10GBPS VLAN subnets
  • Robust network connectivity of the data centers linked among the multiple Internet Exchanges
  • Service level agreement guaranteeing the 100% uptime network and zero downtime
  • Resilient hardware tools based on the latest engineering design and modern technologies
  • Advanced security features incorporating firewall, SSL, and DDoS protection with every cheap dedicated server Singapore
  • 24/7/365 technical and customer support through industry-leading experts



The dedicated server provides a perfect hosting environment to acquire maximum flexibility, scalability, security, and customizability. Moreover, with the Serverwala company, you can have complete support from highly qualified professionals. It will not matter whether you choose managed or unmanaged hosting service. The company’s experts will be available round-the-clock for rendering prompt and easy solutions to all your problems that you might face. Visit the company’s website to obtain further details about its cheap dedicated server Singapore.