Best Open Back Headphones

When it comes to choosing good headphones, there are users who choose to choose closed type headphones audiophile grade cans, while others opt for those that are open. The point is that both types have very different sound profiles, but which one is capable of giving better sound quality?

For all users, having the best sound they can afford is almost a must when in front of the computer. Whether it’s enjoying Bach’s complete oeuvre, rocking out to the frenetic rhythm of AC / DC, or listening to the stealthy footsteps of the lurking enemy, having a good headset is a great investment. Above all, if we take into account that the number of hours, we spend in front of our computers is usually large, and probably no one in our environment wants to enjoy those chords or the screams of our enemies when we cut their throats.

But when we are going to choose the headphones, the first decision that we must make is whether we want them to be open or closed, since each of them gives better sound quality in certain situations. Because yes, not only the construction quality of the helmets is sufficient to determine which type of headset is better: The individual preferences of each user when using them and what they are going to use them for are also very influential. The best sound quality also depends on the model of headphones used.

In the first place, there is the basic difference in headphones that are used over the ear (Headband, Helmets or Headsets) and those that are much smaller that are inserted in the ear (In-ear or Button). However, both variants can be open or closed.

The Main Difference

Open ear headphones are designed so that the ear is not completely covered. The earphone is worn over the outer ear or loosely placed in the ear (button). The open design is intended to provide a natural sound experience, and the listener is not isolated from the outside world and can perceive the noises around them. On the other hand, the music is audible to people in the immediate vicinity. “Open” therefore means: Part of the sound radiates out into the outside world, where the sounds can be partially heard.

Closed headphones are designed to isolate the listener from the outside world. Depending on the design, they surround the pinna completely (headband) or are inserted as a plug inside the ear canal (in-ear models). Sound does not leak out and a lower volume is needed to achieve the desired result because it can penetrate directly into the ear. As no sound penetrates to the outside, it does not disturb other nearby people.

The main difference between closed headphones and open ones is in the construction of their cups (the cups are where the drivers that produce the sound are installed in the headphones). If the cups have their outer part completely closed, with no possibility of escaping the sound generated by the drivers to the outside, this is called “closed headphones”. If, on the contrary, the glasses have their outer part perforated, allowing the sound to escape to the outside, these are called “open headphones”.

The sound of closed headphones has the characteristic of being more intense and immersive, allowing us to hear all the details of what is reaching our ears at that moment. The amount depends largely on the build quality of the headphones, obviously, but they allow you to better enjoy certain details that, with the headphones open, are lost. The fact is that, since they are the ones that allow better sound isolation against external noise, this is the type of headphones most used by gamers.

However, as a result of their construction, this type of headset usually presents problems of overheating in the ears and excessive sweating, since the heat that is generated with use is permanently enclosed in the cup.

On the other hand, open headphones have a more open sound, greatly expanding the auditory panorama when used. These types of headphones usually present a much more natural sound when listening to them, apart from allowing us to be more aware of what is happening around us. They also do not have the problem of overheating of the ears that plagues closed headphones, since in these, the heat can escape perfectly from the cups, without being accumulated inside.

The disadvantage of this type of headset is that, when open, all the people around you will know perfectly what you are listening to.