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The kitchen is the dirtiest place in most of our homes. Ironically, this is also the busiest place and since meals are prepared here frequently, cleanliness must be maintained. That is why most contemporary designers have come up with new ways to make the kitchen the best room in the house. Some minimalist designers have great ideas to make this happen, so some storage and cabinetry options have been created to make your kitchen a lot cleaner. One of these innovations is the latest change in blade holders.

New brackets are large magnetic rods,

Usually, this is usually nothing more than a sloping block of wood that allows the blades to be inserted inside and the handles to pop out for easy access. It’s been a classic design for generations with only minor changes. Some of them have changed slightly, changing the shape and type of wood used on the block. 

However, for the most part, smooth rectangular perforated wood has been the pattern used in the vast majority of tool-holders over the years. This design has some flaws, such as water pooling in the cracks, causing the blades to rust. Although some of them have small expenses, these knife holders will retain moisture in them, so even if water is not collected, the blades can rust, which is not a good thing.

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Fortunately, there are some innovations in knife holders that can not only be effective but also make the old stand more attractive. These are not only simple in design but also have a very simple approach. 

These new brackets are large magnetic rods that allow your blades to hang freely. These magnets provide easy access to your kitchen set and you can easily remove the knife you need. In addition, these magnetic sticks do not generate moisture or collect water after washing. Chefs who use their knives more regularly than average people are the ones who use these magnetic knife holders, albeit for your home.

Most of our valuable and delicate items are stored in the kitchen. Chains, plates, glasses, bowls and cutlery can be expensive and expensive. Some families pass their kitchen utensils down from generation to generation. And even if you don’t spend a lot of money in your kitchen, you still want to avoid opening a dynamic safe and finding damaged plates and cups. Changing them all can be a hassle and increase costs.

Art Packing Design

You need to know how to pack your kitchen utensils to avoid disaster. Putting utensils and glasses randomly into the boxes will prevent them from cutting them.

There is definitely an art in the packaging. You will need a temporary commitment and some materials, but it will pay off in the end. In your new location you can open your walk-in closets and keep track of all the elements of your kitchen.

When packing pots, the first thing you should pay attention to is arranging them on the edges instead of keeping them flat. The strongest part of the plate is the rim, the weakest part is the center.

Secondly, use the wrapping paper as a pillow under the box. Newspapers can be used here, but are generally not recommended. Each plate should be wrapped in aluminum foil, not a newspaper. The problem with the latter is that the newspaper print ends up on the plates and gets very dirty when opened.