Best Forex Broker in South Africa



Choosing a good broker to play Forex is a very important question. After all, everyone wants to be sure that nothing happens with their money and that it is possible to take it away at any time.

To make sure that the broker does not disappear with your money, it is not clear where to go, you should study the detailed statistics of the actions of the company in recent years. You need a good company with a clean reputation, accurate execution of all agreements, a stable platform, and the ability to withdraw money at any time.

The details below will help you determine the choice of a reliable broker who will help you earn. Make sure to take into account the broker’s fundamental indicators: reliability, time in the stock markets, amount of capital, reputation. Reliability criteria play the main role in choosing an intermediary. Always keep your mind sober and don’t fall for different promises in the spirit of 100% – 500% per month. You can also choose Blackstone Futures Review.


You may be surprised to know how many companies offer brokerage services on the internet, but don’t fall for false promises as mentioned above. Choosing a good broker requires some effort.

In compiling our review of Forex brokers, we relied first of all on the reliability of the dealing center and broker. After all, there is no point in working with an organization that invests your money successfully and that you cannot withdraw.

Among the sheer number of companies offering brokerage services on Forex, it is difficult to talk about the company’s regional affiliation. Most of these companies are registered in offshore zones and operations in Russia.

We will agree to “Russian” mention those brokers who work primarily with the Russian-speaking population. For example, Brocco’s trading floor has a registration location in Mauritius and from there it is regulated, but the main business regulation is targeting the Forex market in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.


The first broker in the Russian market of the largest companies offering brokerage services is Alpari (website).

The Alpari group of companies is the largest not only in the market of Russia and the CIS countries, but also one of the largest in the world. As of March 2011, Alpari’s monthly revenue was more than $ 210 billion and the number of active accounts was more than 170,000.

Opening a deposit in Alpari, you can be calm for the safety of your money, even if it is a very large amount.

When talking about advertising in the spirit of “The Best Russian Forex Brokers” (you have probably met this one), I would like to note that it does not contain almost every semantic load and does not guarantee that this company actually represents anything.

Before you start working with a real estate agency, read reviews on independent sites about it or ask more experienced users on specialized forums. So you will certainly know all the flaws of a company.