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Despite the abundance of modern messengers, email remains the most important channel of Internet communication in both business and personal matters. That is why equipping an Internet project with reliable and functional mail is one of the primary tasks. It is the provision of the possibility of exchanging e-mails and there is mail hosting. Email hosting implies the presence of a physical server on which your email service will be hosted. You can even create email hosting on your own using a computer as a server. 

However, there can be no guarantees about the reliability of such a mail service and the security of the transmitted data. To be sure that your mail will work quickly and smoothly, you need to contact your hosting provider.

 Many companies offer email hosting as part of a virtual one. This is an economical solution – you will only pay for the support of your site, but not too functional – as an additional “bonus”, mail hosting cannot have the same resources as a full-fledged separate service.

 If you have a small project that does not require significant capacities, this option will be ideal for you. 

If you support several sites with high traffic or select mail for corporate needs, best email hosting with an unlimited number of mailboxes, the ability to synchronize your mail from a computer to mobile devices, reliable protection against virus and SPAM, as well as several useful functions is suitable for you. .The master host is an official certified partner of 
Microsoft Corporation and offers professional email hosting based on MS Exchange, which has all the advantages described above.

We offer various rates – you can make a choice based on your own needs. For the most demanding customers, we have developed a special tariff “MX-VIP», which will allow you with the help of our specialists to design an individual mail hosting for your projects. Mail based on 

MS Exchange is suitable not only for corporate clients: the “Postal Egoist” tariff will allow you to use all the advantages of a professional email hosting with a modern and comfortable interface for personal purposes. An important advantage of .master host email hosting is the safety of your data: by setting privacy policies, you can be sure that your information is under reliable protection.

Mail based on MS Exchange suggests the presence of “home” and “work” mailboxes. “Home” has standard functionality, while “workers” will allow you to quickly solve even the most complex business tasks due to several useful options. 

If you wish, you can order additional “home” and “working” boxes for a fixed period, which is a profitable and economical solution. For small Internet projects, we also offer virtual hosting with built-in mail, which was specially developed by our experts, based on our own experience and the most popular customer requests. 

Why do you need mail hosting?

The general concept of email defines it as a system designed to process, receive and send emails. On the technical side, there are special protocols, standards that govern the exchange of emails. So, the transfer is performed according to the rules of a simple mail transfer protocol – SMTP. 

It was created specifically for these purposes and defines all the existing functions of the transfer procedure. 

Several protocols are available for receiving emails at once, among which the most common are POP3 and IMAP. These protocols govern the order in which letters are sent from the server to the user’s computer.

Another concept associated with the reception and sending of emails is email hosting. This is a service that aims to provide the user with a dedicated mailbox with additional protection. The service is paid and the prices for mail hosting are different, depending on various factors. In any case, payment for hosting is fully justified.

Key features of email hosting

Among the main features of the best email hosting mailbox is additional protection for letters; constant availability of the box; binding letters to a corporate domain.

Let us dwell on some functions:

  • Additional mailbox protection is a very important and necessary option. Each of the users must have encountered spam when advertising messages of various natures arrive in the mail. 
  • On corporate mail, such messages account for dozens of times more and this is a serious problem. Protecting email hosting from spam is one of the main tasks that mail servers should solve.
  • In addition to protection against spam, do not forget about personal data, corporate information and other confidential information that can be transmitted via e-mail. 
  • Almost all free mail servers that provide mailboxes to private individuals cannot provide adequate protection of information against unauthorized access. Hacking such a mail service and gaining access to all these clients is not difficult.
  • The stability of the work and the constant availability of email hosting is the strength of the paid service. You will not be a victim of a server crash or lack of access to it for a certain time, as is often the case with free counterparts.
  • The service of linking mail to your domain has a low cost and is popular among corporate clients. Another feature worth mentioning is round-the-clock technical support and the possibility of increasing disk space.

Benefits of Email Hosting

  • Corporate customers receive a mailbox with a unique name associated with the company or directly to the owner.
  • The fastest and most up-to-date communication protocols are used, a secure web interface is provided, which excludes the appearance of advertising.
  • There is no dependence on the Internet provider, access to the mail hosting is carried out from any workplace with access to the network.
  • In connection with hosting with another provider, mail receives additional protection against webserver congestion.
  • Backup information.
  • Ability to access unlimited mailbox volume.

This is not a complete list of the functionality and advantages of a paid email hosting.