Best coffee shops in Silicon Valley California

Silicon Valley’s Best Cafés and Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops and cafés can seem unremarkable—just another place to get a coffee or tea. Silicon Valley has another outlook on getting your caffeine fix or tasty pastry. All throughout the area, coffee shops are raising the standard of coffee, teas, food, and experience. Here are some of the best, local cafés in the area.

Coupa Café Ramona

At this local chain café, the food is just as good as the coffee and tea. Coupa Café Ramona serves excellent single-origin coffee, and Venezuelan specialties come out of the kitchen. The atmosphere here is cozy and welcoming; however, space fills up quickly.

Café Venetia – Train Station

Café Venetia is as good as it is fun to visit. This modern café sits inside a historic Palo Alto train station, and the friendly baristas make the Italian-style coffee here with such care. The yummy baked goods and other unique Italian goodies are always fresh and just begging you to take a bite, including the Italian chocolate mixed perfectly with dried fruit and nuts. The prices are a bit high, but it is worth it. And if coffee isn’t necessarily your thing, Café Venetia’s hot chocolate is to die for.

Mikayla’s Cafe

This local Santa Clara hangout is an excellent breakfast and lunch spot. At Mikayla’s Cafe, patrons just order at the counter, take a seat, and wait for their delicious food and coffee. While most menu items are American, visitors will find some international flavors in both the drinks and dishes. Due to their tasty brunch items, there can be quite a wait on the weekends. Time to get ready for work with the best energy drink around. This drink is amazing and wont stain your teeth.

Blvd Coffee of Almaden

Blvd Coffee of Almaden is everything you could want in a coffee shop—local, delicious coffee, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. The café also offers up a menu with breakfast and lunch foods such as sweet crepes, savory bagel sandwiches, and paninis. Blvd Coffee of Almaden specializes in Cubano coffee, a Cuban-style way of brewing espresso with sugar; it’s a must-try here.

B2 Coffee

This hip coffee shop seems to specialize in two things: great coffee and good vibes. Inside this garage-like café, the open space has plenty of seating. B2 Coffee also has lots of options when it comes to brews, milk types, and the menu. The baristas know how to handle their espresso preparation and customer service, adding to the unique ambiance.

Big Mug Coffee Roaster

Big Mug Coffee Roaster is like a breath of fresh air in the coffee shop world. In addition to the perfectly prepared coffee and tea, the seating gives the café a relaxed and lounge-type feeling. You can almost fool yourself into thinking you’re kicking back at home at Big Mug. The menu boasts a wide selection of ice cream, toasts, pastries, and even shaved ice. It’s also open later than your average coffee shop, allowing you to enjoy this place even longer.

Bambu Snacks & Coffee Shops

Not only is Bambu an amazing place to get your coffee fix, but this Vietnamese café also serves up the traditional Vietnamese ché, an in-house dessert drink made with fresh coconut milk and other select ingredients, such as avocado. But if you’re just looking to get in, get your caffeine, and head out, Bambu also has your back. The modern, minimalist space slings drink quickly, leaving it up to you to sit and sip or slip on a sleeve and run.