Benefits of using led screen at dj festival

led screen at dj festival

Is a DJ festival even complete without a LED screen insight? We wouldn’t like to think so. In a time like this where LED screens are a part of every space including shopping malls, restaurants, expos, etc; they must be a part of music festivals as well. Here are few top listed benefits of using LED screens at DJ festivals:

1- The Right Pop of Color:

 An appropriately sized, LED screen will add the right pop of color at the festival site making it even more fun and interesting. Make it a part of stage background or a video wall, the LED screen will add to the enjoyable ambiance and rightly amp up the vibe of the DJ festival.

2- Perfect Source of Light:

 Adding a LED screen to a DJ festival will be the perfect way to add light to the event. Usually, on events like these, the lights are kept dim or minimal. Putting up a LED screen will be convenient for everyone.

3- Environment Friendly

 LED screens offer high-quality display images but are super environment friendly as they consume very little energy. When in operation, the LED screen emits only light and some heat as compared to other screens that emit infrared or ultraviolet rays. An energy-efficient display screen that is eco-friendly is for the need of the hour, isn’t it?

4- Entertainment and Advertisement:

Putting up a LED screen behind the stage not only improves the look of the space but can also be used for entertainment purposes as well. During the breaks, LED screen is a great source to put up an advertisement of your sponsors. Moreover, you can run any promotional video to keep the guests entertained.

5- Front Row Experience:

As the front row seats are reserved for the VIP guests, why should people at the back be deprived of the first-row experience? A LED screen is the best way to give the full, high-quality display of the stage and its happenings to the people in the middle and back rows.

6- Durable:

 With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, you can count on the LED screen for durability. Moreover, it is damage-resistant and does not require maintenance very frequently. Thus, It is a one-time investment and thus saves you a lot of money.

Final Verdict:

 Add the dash of color and life to the DJ festival with the help of an eco-friendly, energy-efficient Video Wall while giving an equal display to all of the crowd.