Beginners guide on football betting


Football betting has been the most popular form of ufabet168 sports betting in recent years. In the past, punters were only allowed to place wagers on a few available markets but now, there are many wagering options for punters. That is what makes football betting very exciting for many punters. There are thousands of football games that are being offered every day. Punters can now enjoy huge deals and special offers. If you are a beginner in football, betting, you must try to understand what football betting is all about first.

How betting on football works

For beginners, it is very vital to try and understand how football betting works. Odds in football betting is what helps in determining the likely a football even is going to happen. It is also what will show the potential winnings in football. Many bookmakers will just provide the odds for you and you will have to decide whether you will bet on the market or not. The odds of winning at football betting is always represented in fractions. Some also present them in decimals. Many football matches are always available for punters to bet on every week. Bookmarkers will provide you the odds and the probable outcome of the market. Before you get started with betting, it is very important to try and find out the most popular types of football bets. Here are some of them

  • Match bet

A Match bet is the first type of bet to expect in a football bet. This is one of the simplest types of bets and the most preferred one, especially for beginners. In this type of bet, the punter is imply supposed to pick the results of the football match. You can choose to bet on the home team, you can bet on the away team, or choose to bet on the draw option. The results of such kinds of bets are always determined after 90 minutes of the game.

  • Half time/full time

This is the second type of bet that you can consider investing in. In this type of bet, punters can bet on the results of the half and the results of the second half. This also means that you do not have to wait until a game is over for you to know if you have won or not. After 45 minutes of the game, you can pocket a lot of money.

  • Double chance

Double chance has become a very common option and an option that many ufa 168punters prefer. When it comes to double chance, you can easily bet on three possible outcomes. The first one is the home team to win or draw. The second option is the away team or draw and the last option is the away team or home team. If either of the combinations wins, you will be paid out. Although this option will grant you a high chance of winning, the odds in this bet is always very low.