Back Pain Relief Exercises

You feel a shooting pain around your back each time you bend over or stand up. This groan-inspiring pain of the lower back makes you frustrated, and it seems like it will never go away. Back pain is also known as lumbago or spondylosis, is the common chronic pain experienced by adults usually. But the question is, do back pain relief exercises work?

A simple answer is, Yes!

People usually think that resting might cure their back pain. So they take a quick nap to get rid of it, but when they wake up, the intensity of the pain might be low, but it is still there. The latest clinical studies prove that an active lifestyle for low back pain sufferers is encouraged.

This article is all about the best exercises to help you to get rid of the back pain. I hope it helps!

Best back pain relief exercises

To relieve your back pain, moving your back muscles is the best way to get rid of the pain. But you should bear in mind all those exercises which put strain or stress on your back should be avoided. So, which exercise is best for you? Well, this depends on what is causing your pain and how intense it is.

The exercises mentioned below are carefully researched for you, and they are simple to follow. Adding these in your workout routine can free you from your nagging and daily pain. Thus, leading you to a healthy and pain-free life.


Gluteus maximus is the large muscles of the buttock. Bridges focus on these muscles. These muscles are engaged when people do squats, or they bend. If you strengthen these muscles, you can get rid of the back pain permanently.

To perform a bridge:

  • You need to lie straight on the ground and bend the knees with your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart.
  • By keeping your arms by the side, press your feet onto the floor.
  • Make a straight line from your shoulders to knees by raising your buttocks off the ground.
  • Rest for a few seconds by lowering the buttocks on the ground.
  • You should repeat this fifteen times and take rest for 1 minute.

Knee to chest stretches

This movement is best to elongate your lower back and relieve stiffness and pain. It is straightforward to perform. You can perform on your yoga mat smoothly. 

Here is how you can do this exercise.

  • Lie straight on the floor.
  • Keep your both feet flat on the floor and bend your knees.
  • With your, both hands pull one knee close to your chest.
  • You need to be in this position for a minimum of 5 seconds; you might feel tightening of your abdominal muscles as you press the spine on the floor.
  • Now, release and repeat with the second leg.
  • You should repeat this exercise 2-3 times with each leg, twice a day.

Lateral leg lifts

Doing lateral leg lifts while you are lying is the best for hip abductor muscles. These muscles support your pelvis and help to reduce the strain on your back. Your balance is also improved by adding lateral leg lifts in your workout routine. 

Here is how you can perform this exercise

  • Lie on the floor on one side with your legs together.
  • Your lower leg should be slightly bent.
  • Take a deep breath and engage your core muscles by drawing you bellybutton in the spine.
  • Now, raise the top leg for approximately 18 inches, it should look straight and extended.
  • You need to be in this position for 2 seconds.
  • Repeat the same for the other leg.
  • For each leg, do ten lateral leg lifts.

Seated rotational stretches

The best thing about this exercise is that you can perform at your office as well when you feel your back is causing you some trouble. Seated rotational stretches will help you to relieve pain, strengthen your lower back, and work on core muscles.

To perform this exercise.

  • You need to sit on a chair or stool, keeping your feet flat on the floor.
  • While keeping your hips square and spine tall, start twisting at the core to the right.
  • Position your hands behind your head to support your position comfortably.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Then repeat the same with your left side.
  • You can perform 3-5 times on each side two times a day.

Partial crunches

Partial stomach crunches are one of the classic core-strengthening exercises which build strength in your lower back and stomach muscles relatively. It is considered an ideal exercise whoever is suffering from spondylosis. 

Here is how you can get most out of the partial crunches

  • Keep your feet flat, and your knees bent while you are lying back on the floor.
  • Now, put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders from the floor. Your abdominal muscles might get tensed.
  • Slowly breathe out while you are raising your shoulders.
  • You need to hold the position for 1 second.
  • Then, relax, lie back slowly, and repeat.

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Bottom line:

To increase stability, improve flexibility, and alleviate your back pain completely, it is suggested to have a safe and effective workout routine. People who suffer from lower back pain should pay attention to their posture while sitting or sleeping. Regular physical activity and simple stretches mentioned in the article are the best way to banish your back pain completely.

It is better to spend some bucks on an online training program like erase my back pain than to book appointments with chiropractors or physiotherapists. We hope that this article will help you to have a pain free back.