To become a pro in Baccarat, you need to learn how to play baccarat (วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า) using the strategies below and use them accordingly.

Martingale strategy 

The strategy holds that you increase your bet after every loss. This means that in every losing bet, you double what you bet for the next round.

For example, if you bet 1 chip and lose the next round, you bet 2. If you lose again, you bet 4.

Do not use this procedure if you continue losing.

The strategy does not focus on money recovery, and also it needs a lot of money to apply it.

This strategy aims to get your lost money back.

It is easy to apply, and it best strategy when you win hands in a row.

It is prone to require a bit of budget because you have to double the bet every time you lose. It is also high risk and a wrong way to manage your money.



This approach uses a sequence that involves adding up cutting down on numbers. Set your target, meaning you decide how much you want to win and then place a bet. Whether you win or lose, the strategy must be upheld.

You have to be sure of the winning hand to place a bet, and don’t bet many hands in a row.

In a beginning sequence, you add the first and last digit, reflecting the number of chips to bet with. If you lose, you will add the lost number of chips to the sequence. Then add the first and the new last digit. Then add the first and the new last digit. Then place a bet if you win on the first and last digit’s row cut in the sequence. Use the new sequence to place the bet, i.e., the 2nd digit and 2nd last digit, add them, and place a bet. Repeat until you hit your desired target

This strategy tends to be a bit confusing and can lead to betting loss if you keep losing.

D’ Alembert strategy

The theory of this strategy is every time you win, you increase your bet with one chip, and every time you lose, you increase 1 chip.

Its good management of risk through the profit is minimal.


This policy is applied worldwide. The strategy concept uses 1-2-4-1 as a betting step.

You require to win 3 hands in a row to make money. If you lose, getting your cashback is not guaranteed.



The sequence of this approach is achieved by adding the first digit to the next digit to get the next digit, e.g., 1,1,2,3,5,8_ _ _

When you lose the bet, then keep adding chips in the next row.

When you win, you follow the reverse of the sequence to bet the chips, i.e., _ _ _8,5,3,2,1.1

This strategy will reduce the risk of losing money through the profit is less.

Double the bet 

This strategy entails doubling the bet every time you win.

It is very risky to lose your money fast


With this strategy, you only lose your money if the second row is lost. If you win 4 hands in a row, then in your 5th round, you begin the sequence. If you lose from all the row, you will only lose 1 chip, except when you are on the 2nd hand row.

The strategy has a low risk of your money. It is also easy to recover your money.