Autonomic Platform Market : Top Key Vendors, Segmentation, And SWOT Analysis

Autonomic platform is a self-managed computing model whose function is similar to that of an autonomic nervous system of a human body. An autonomic computing model processes and controls the functioning of computer applications without the input from the end-user in the same way as the nervous system regulates the body of a human being without any conscious input from them. The autonomic platform or autonomic computing system is a solution for growing complexity of computing. An autonomic computing system takes decision on its own without any external intervention and automatically adapts itself to the changes in the environment. The four basic principles on which autonomic platform revolves are: self- configuration which means that they have the ability to adapt the changes in the system, self-healed that implies the system’s ability to recover from errors and mistakes, self-optimization that refers to the system’s ability to address the complexity of managing its own performance and self-protection that implies the system’s ability to anticipate and cure any kind of interruption. Automatic platform is expected to be useful in areas which involves use of large dataset and complex analytical solutions. Thus, autonomic platform involves use of software solution and services such as consulting, integration and continuous process improvement in order to meet the end-user demand.

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Autonomic platform market is expected to grow because it is an all-time solution to the problems faced by enterprises in managing data, taking appropriate decision and handling unexpected complexity in a dynamic environment. Autonomic platform market is driven by the adoption of IT in various end-use sectors in order to efficiently manage the growing use of complex data. Growing emphasize on cloud adoption is also expected to be driving factor for the adoption of autonomic platform in order to manage entire enterprise system. An autonomic platform understands the environment and its context, thus acting accordingly and making it even more valuable to the organizations.

Autonomic platform has huge scope in various end-use sectors such as government, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, information technology, telecom, retail and others. Growth of autonomic platform market reduces the need for human interface for data processing which indirectly bring resistance among society for its early adoption and thereby restricting the growth of the market. Additionally, security concern regarding the application of autonomic platform in present environment is expected to pose a challenge for the market.

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Adoption of autonomic platform in area of data management, IT service management, networking, and enterprise software application is expected to increase in coming years. Autonomic computing technology is also appropriate for small and medium businesses (SMB) as it is self-managed and self-configured providing freedom to these organizations and having a competitive edge in the market. Since, autonomic platform makes the enterprise infrastructure reliable, safe and dynamic, its application is expected to become prominent in all kind of businesses in coming the years.

Some of players providing autonomic platform are IPsoft Inc., Genfour, Capgemini SA, CSRA Inc., Tonomi, Inc., Turbonomic, Inc., IBM Corp., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, Wipro Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd.

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