Automotive Scuff Plate Market 2022 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends

  • The automotive scuff plate or sill guard, or sill plate, is a protective equipment used to protect the sill of vehicle doors, front as well as rear, against damage. It protects the sill from scratches or other types of damages that may occur while entering or exiting the vehicle. Scuff plate is mounted over the threshold of the vehicle door to cover the flanges of the side body panels.
  • Scuff plates are also used as decorative elements, which enhances the appearance of the vehicle; consequently, the automotive scuff plate market is expanding at a high growth rate

Key Drivers of Automotive Scuff Plate Market

  • Increase in per capita GDP and disposable income of the population across the globe has led to a rise in the demand for vehicles. According to statistics by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, sale of vehicles increased by 10.93% in last five years. Sale of luxury vehicles such as premium sedans and utility vehicles is rising at a rapid pace owing to higher preference among consumers. These vehicles are fitted with multiple accessories to enhance the appearance and durability of vehicles. Most of these luxury vehicles have scuff plates with LED lighting or etching, stamping or carving for branding and esthetic purposes. Thus, rise in sale of vehicles, especially luxury sedans and utility vehicles, is propelling the global automotive scuff plate market.
  • Rise in economic standards of the population is fueling their expenditure on luxury goods. The European Union stated that spending of the middle class population across the globe is expected to reach US$ 64 trillion by 2030, a rise from US$ 37 trillion in 2017. Increase in purchasing power is driving the preference of people toward better luxury goods. Amidst this changing consumer expectations, trend of equipping vehicles with decorative accessories is also gaining popularity. This trend is driving the automotive scuff plate market across the globe.

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Challenges in Automotive Scuff Plate Market

  • Stickers are available in the market as a substitute for scuff plates, which protect the door sill from scratches. These are less expensive and easy to install, as compared to scuff plates. This availability of alternative solutions hampers the global automotive scuff plate market.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Automotive Scuff Plate Market

  • Production and sales of vehicles declined amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently, the demand for automotive scuff plate also declined. However, governments are easing restrictions and companies are restarting their operations with precautionary measures, which is estimated to propel the global automotive scuff plate market in forecast years.

North America & Europe hold significant share of Global Automotive Scuff Plate Market

  • North America and Europe accounted for a significant share of the global automotive scuff plate market due to the strong presence of luxury car manufacturers in these regions coupled with the high purchasing power of populations, which has boosted sale of luxury vehicles.
  • The market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a high growth rate during the forecast period owing to consistent expansion of automotive and automotive parts industry in China, India, and Japan

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Key Players Operating in Automotive Scuff Plate Market

The global automotive scuff plate market is fragmented due to the presence of multiple regional players. A few of the key players operating in the global automotive scuff plate market are:

  • Elite Industries
  • GalioIndia
  • Global Lighting Technologies
  • GMN
  • Guangzhou Jin Mao Tong Auto Accessories Co., Ltd
  • Hayashi Telempu Corporation
  • Innotec
  • Lockwood International Limited
  • Shenzhen Yangfan Precision Mould Co., Ltd

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