With technology taking leaping steps forward every day, it is hard to imagine a world without it. And more importantly, it is impossible to imagine doing business without technical support and systems. Regardless of what kind of business you own, you need technology to take it forward. But maintaining these systems, be it heating or sanitary, can be difficult and this is why you need a service to help you do it all.

And that is where Asura comes in! With an amazing technical facility management (tehnički facility management) service, it will take care of your technical systems and maintain them. No matter what system it is- sanitary, heating, cooling, water supply, fire protection, elevators, and safety systems, electrical installations- Asura can maintain these systems and keep them in the best conditions.


If you own a business, you must be wondering what Asura can offer you so that you know why you need to choose this service. There are many things that this service can offer you when it comes to technical facility management.

The service will help you to monitor, manage as well as maintain all the technical and electrical system in your property and workplace. You can be assured that the service will use only the most modern CAFM system. It offers you operating services, safety tests and certificates. Asura ensures that all its clients get warranty management and system optimization.

Emergency interventions, a call centre and customer support for users are all the services that Asura offers to its partners. And you can avail them all if you choose Asura for technical management of your systems and properties.

By creating a synergy between people and modern technological systems, the service helps you maintain them all in your company. With a team of educated and professional engineers and technicians, Asura will give its all to make sure your technical systems get the best modern solutions they deserve.


Asura will help you do so many things for your technical systems and technologies such as efficient and earlier cost planning as well as high quality, modern technical solutions. Not only will you be able to reduce your risks but also prevent many unforeseen costs, helping you save money. With greater efficiency in your systems, your work will become faster and better.

Not only that, but the service also provides all its partners with professional support from 0 to 24. It even offers complete transparency by using the CAFM system for your technology. By choosing Asura, you can integrate the maintenance of all your technical systems in one place, making it much easier to handle them. It also helps businesses get a better and easier insight into how your systems work and the status of the various systems as well as monitoring them and understanding their costs.

So now you know that you can trust your technical systems with Asura with your eyes closed as you move towards achieving your dreams and goals.