Aragonite Market Analysis, Trends, Forecast, 2018-2026

Global Aragonite Market: Overview

Aragonite is a carbonate mineral having an orthorhombic crystal system, and very closely resembles calcite. It is considered as the purest form of calcium carbonate. The mineral has garnered wide popularity as gemstone in various parts of the world and has promising healing properties with energy enhancing powers. Aragonite contains traces of magnesium and sand inclusion but rich in calcium carbonate, and is alkaline in nature. It may be present in various colors such as blue, brown, gray, green, orange, red, white, and yellow. It is one of the key components of organic substances, such as coral and pearl. Owing to the availability of aragonite in a variety of colors, the mineral has found noticeable use in fashion jewelry.

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Various types of crystallography in the global aragonite market are globular, pisolitic, stalactitic, coralloidal, internally banded, acicular, columnar, reniform, and prismatic crystals. It is sometimes found deposited in the beds of hot springs. It can be found in the gypsum beds and in the beds of hot springs.

The various assessments and findings presented in the study help in identifying prevailing opportunities and new frontiers in emerging and key regions. The study takes a closer look at manufacturing developments and prominent trends that will underpin new applications.   

Global Aragonite MarketTrends and Opportunities

The rising use of aragonite in the agricultural applications is a key factor propelling the expansion of the aragonite market. The compound is used as a fertilizer substitute for boosting soil fertility. Rising need for promoting soil fertility in developing countries is fueling the expansion of the market. Aragonite plays a vital role in meeting the mineral requirement of the soil and helping boosting its microbial activity.

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The rising usage of aragonite sand in maintaining a stable pH of aquarium water is a key trend boosting the market. The mineral also finds attractive use in wastewater treatment. It is extensively used in eliminating cobalt, lead, and zinc from the wastewater. In addition, aragonite has therapeutic application. It is used in hemodialysis patients as it removes wastes such as extra fluids and urea in their blood. However, the aragonite market is reeling under substantial pressure from the low availability, especially when compared to limestone and nitrates.

The market is garnering gains from the rising demand for aragonite in making reef aquarium at high-end restaurants. This is a notable trend bolstering the market’s expansion. Aragonite is also gathering demand for making glass.


Global Aragonite MarketRegional Landscape 

 On the regional front, North America is expected to occupy a prominent position in the global aragonite market. This is attributed primarily to the presence of aragonite in Florida beaches. Rising demand for aragonite in reef aquarium in restaurants and residential places in various parts of the country is expected to keep the prospects increasingly lucrative. Europe is also a promising regional market for aragonite. The growth is propelled by the rising demand for the compound as fertilizer substitute in the region. The demand for aragonite in developing regions, especially Asia Pacific, are expected to rise at promising pace in the coming few years. 

Global Aragonite Market: Competitive Landscape

The report offers a critical assessment of the prevailing competitive dynamics and the developments likely to impact that dynamic in the coming years. The study also takes a closer look at the current product portfolio of key players and analyzes the investment strategies of various players in the global aragonite market. Some of the prominent market operating in the market are The Fertrell Company, Real Reef Solutions, and U.S. Aragonite Enterprises. 

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