Aqua Gym Equipment Market Players Resort To Product Innovation To Gain Competitive Advantage 2024-2031

Aqua Gym Trending among Young, Obese, Old Alike

Aqua gym and aqua fitness are older terms that have to gain huge popularity in various fitness schools with the pool during recent years. With trending aqua gyms, the popularity of the aqua fitness training has also risen, as working out in water can be an effective therapeutic activity. Moreover, a variety of wellness centers and spa hotels has started offering aqua pools and fitness to their guests in order to attract an athletic crowd and to provide fitness with fun. Many athletes and bodyworkers have shifted water cardio, as it builds cardio, strength, and resistance all while being easy on the joints, and in a calm and relaxing environment. However, all these water sports and aerobics require a better set of gym equipment, which is now easily available at marketplaces. Aqua gym equipment offer a variety of challenges for cardio and strength training regimens. All these features are expected to contribute to the increasing demand for the aqua gym equipment market during the forecast period.

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Obesity is a thriving problem that can be associated with sedentary lifestyles and lack of a workout regimen among the young and old alike. For the people with clinical obesity, producers of aqua gym equipment offer a less arduous yet equally beneficial alternative to exercise, wherein most of the exercises and activities occur in a swimming pool. As the obese body is found to be more maneuverable in water, many health experts are recommending their clients dealing with obesity to shift the exercise routine toward aqua aerobics and exercises. Furthermore, a huge number of the global population is either obese or overweight, and the aqua gym is considered one of the quicker ways to lose weight. Thus, with rising obese population around the world, the aqua gym equipment market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

Strict Restriction on Physical Activities in Aqua Gyms Hampers Demand for Gym Equipment

The COVID-19 crisis is an unusual and unexpected time all across the world. Most nations have put extensive social distancing policies, restricting people’s daily activities and guidelines from governments are asking people to stay at home. However, measures have limited the opportunities to be physically active, especially the aqua fitness and gym activities. Furthermore, these extreme measures also make it simpler to be stationary at home for long periods. The consequence of this physical inactivity may be seen in many sectors such as health and social care and the mental well-being of people all around the globe. Thus, the demand for workout equipment has decreased, thereby hindering the present growth rate of the global aqua gym equipment market.

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The need for social distancing measures is inevitable, and even in a difficult time like the ongoing pandemic, human bodies still need physical activity and the many benefits thereof. With the development in medical facilities and rapid distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, various governments are permitting the use of public swimming pools with assessments of certain factors, including social distancing and hygiene rules, and sanitizing the facility. However, the restriction in the supply chain is still a major factor of concern for the aqua gym equipment manufacturers, as the market has witnessed a slowdown in demand. Moreover, manufacturing units are working at limited capacity to ensure employee safety, which is hampering the productivity of such products. Nevertheless, experts predict the aqua gym equipment market will be restored to normal by the end of 2021. With the pause in workout activities and growth in obesity rates, the global aqua gym equipment market is expected to thrive in the upcoming future.

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Lesser Risks of Injuries in Water Attracting Sensitive Individuals to Water Workouts

Water aerobics is popularly known as aquatic fitness, which involves aerobic activities in the water to improve the health and strength of the body. Most people are shifting toward water aerobics, as it can go a long way in enhancing the body’s general flexibility. The water helps to push and pull the joints and body parts in unusual directions. Moreover, engaging in regular water exercises can be more beneficial for building up the strength of the muscles. One of the major benefits of aqua gyms is the relieving of stress and anxiety with a better mood post-workout. Thus, various new customers are inclining toward aqua gyms, thus propelling the global aqua gym equipment market.

Water aerobics and pool activities, in general, are useful to build physical endurance. Physical activities in the water are also a form of resistance training and challenging for the muscles. Several physically sensitive people are now preferring water exercises, as they possess a lesser risk to injure the knees and joints as compared to running or plyometrics. Water can eliminate added pressure on the joints and muscles, which makes it a smart option for individuals with past injuries or for people looking for a sweat session outside without worrying about heat exhaustion. Furthermore, the market holds several types of weights, which include water dumbbells, barbells, ankle and wrist weights, and many others. Manufacturers are now developing smart water machines and equipment to make it more convenient for consumers to workout daily on these devices. Thus, with the rising awareness about the benefits of water sports and aerobics, the global aqua gym equipment market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

Monotonic, Tedious Physical Activities Driving Consumers to Aqua Exercises

As compared to water weights, aqua machines and equipment are more popular in terms of full-body and strength exercises, and expected to hold a major share of the global aqua gym equipment market during the projected timeline. Workouts, including aqua aerobics and aqua Pilates are presently trending for their simplicity and effective workouts to strengthen the body. Traditional workouts seem tiresome and monotonous, while aqua workouts can bring thrill and excitement to exercise. Moreover, the increasing adoption of aqua therapy among arthritis patients is fueling the demand for water weights and machines. This is likely to drive the global aqua gym equipment market at a CAGR of ~4% during the forecast period.

Aqua Gym Equipment Market: Overview
  • According to the latest market report published by Transparency Market Research on the aqua gym equipment market for the period of 20212031 (wherein 2021 to 2031 is the forecast period and 2020 is the base year), the COVID-19 pandemic is a key factor propelling the demand for at-home fitness techniques, which is responsible for the growth of the aqua gym equipment market
  • Globally, revenue generated by the aqua gym equipment market accounted for over US$ 5 Mn in 2020, which is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~4%, in terms of value during the forecast period
Increasing Adoption of Aquatic Therapy in Athletics: Key Driver of Aqua Gym Equipment Market
  • Water is considered not only for rehab, it is also useful for plyometric strength training for athletes. Aquatic therapy is as effective as land-based weight training, and it helps athletes with a variety of new exercises to enhance their performance, which is likely to drive the growth of the aqua gym equipment market.
  • While performing aquatic exercise, water provides resistance and allows athletes to work different muscle groups by improving overall strength and flexibility. A well-crafted aquatic strength program may be the only thing to change an athlete’s routine. Many professional football players and other athletes have switched to aquatic training as a way to supplement their workouts and increase both aerobic capacity and strength. Aquatic workouts also tend to be low-impact; thus, recovery time is potentially shorter between workouts depending on the athlete. Some helpful equipment may include resistance bands, water weights, and other resistance devices. This is expected to propel the aqua gym equipment market consistently in the near future.
Rising Demand for Underwater Exercise among Obese Population: Significant Opportunity for Aqua Gym Equipment Market
  • Rapid rise in obesity around the world is anticipated to propel the aqua gym equipment market in the near future. Most of the adult population is either obese or overweight. An aqua gym is considered one of the quicker ways to lose weight. The aging population is also joining aquatic gyms due to arthritis and joint issues. It has been observed that water aerobics and gyms help to reduce joint pain rapidly; also, the weight of a human body is reduced in water, which helps the user to do more workouts at minimal stress levels. This is expected to expand the aqua gym equipment market constantly in the upcoming years.
  • Aqua cycling is a fast developing exercise for physical rehabilitation, fitness, weight loss, and cardio training. Competition races are involving aqua cycling and swimming, which may help to propel the demand for aqua gym equipment.

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