Analysis of Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Infused Fruits Jellies Market Growth

Tropically Inspired Candies Entice Consumers

Flavor-combining chewy candies are the novel introduction in the infused fruit jellies market. Trend hunters are always exploring fruit combo chews that enhance flavor. Such innovations in the infused fruit jellies market are boosting market growth where the global revenue was valued at ~US$ 15 Mn in 2019. For instance, Hi-Chew-a Japan-based fruit chew sold by Tokyo’s confectionary company Morinaga & Company, has added the HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Mix to its product portfolio.

Consumers are creating a demand for infused fruit jellies with blended flavors. Likewise, manufacturers are experimenting with flavors of passion fruit and mango-flavored centers to come with blends that compliment naturally. The infused fruit jellies market is undergoing a change, as manufacturers are exploring untapped opportunities by combining coconut chewy candies with pineapple centers to recreate the flavor of Piña Colada. They are specifically targeting the U.S. consumers and increasing their production capabilities to produce tropically inspired candies.

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Fruit Pulp and Juices a Healthier Alternative to Artificially Flavored Candies

Packaging innovations are grabbing the attention of end users in the infused fruit jellies market. Convenience has become one of the key driving forces for companies in the market landscape. Apart from chews and candies, manufacturers are tapping into incremental opportunities with fruit-infused spreads that are available in convenient squeezable containers integrated with easy-spread cups. They are increasing their production efficacies by using fruit pulp and fruit juices that are a healthier alternative to artificially-flavored candies. For instance, local producer of fruit sauces and fruit confectionaries in India, has a rich product portfolio in infused fruit jellies named MelloJels, available in grape, orange, and strawberry flavors.

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On the other hand, the growing launch numbers of jelly drinks are generating revenue streams for companies in the infused fruit jellies market. Manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities to produce premium juice concentrates that are a stellar choice for high-quality infused fruit jellies, coatings, and ice creams, among others.

Freeze-dried Ingredients Eliminate Need to Add Flavors in Fruit Jellies

The infused fruit jellies market is projected to reach a value of ~US$ 23 Mn by the end of 2029. Increased availability of jelly-based DIY (Do It Yourself) recipes are creating an unprecedented demand for infused fruit jellies. However, the formation of crystals due to excess sugar or undissolved sugar sticking to the sides of a saucepot pose as restraint while preparing recipes. Such undesirable outcomes during the preparation of jelly-based recipes are likely to slow down market growth. Hence, manufacturers are encouraging consumer to opt for tested recipes and measure ingredients precisely to avoid issues of crystallization while making the recipe.

Companies in the infused fruit jellies market are leveraging their marketing strategies by introducing jelly-based recipes on packaging containers and pouches to meet end user needs. They are producing infused fruit jellies with freeze-dried ingredients to boost sales using fruit candies. Manufacturers are streamlining their production practices with freeze-dried ingredients, since these ingredients eliminate the need of adding additional flavors.


Manufacturers Cater to Demand for Mood Changing Products for Maximum Product Penetration

Manufacturers in the infused fruit jellies market are foraying into the chewy candy segment. For instance, Center Fruit, which is Perfetti Van Melle India’s flagship brand, has entered the competition in the chewy candy segment by announcing the launch of Center Fruit Soft Chews. As such, consumers in Asia Pacific are showing keen interest in fruit-flavored candy offerings. Manufacturers are increasing the availability of infused fruit jellies involving fruit juice flavors to cater to the demand for mood changing products. They are targeting both urban and rural sectors of India for maximum penetration of products.

Leading brands are increasing their efficacy in 360-degree campaigns to strategically stage products on regional and global level. The growing importance of digital mediums and influencers are helping companies in the infused fruit jellies market to achieve their targets through innovative marketing campaigns. Likewise, companies are delivering their message through TV commercials, cinema, and outdoor advertising in select cities of India.