An Interview with Digital Music Marketing Expert, Cody Patrick

Organic Music Marketing is a leading Music marketing and promotions agency based in Atlanta, GA. We recently interviewed Cody Patrick to understand more about the music promotion industry and about his journey as the founder of Organic Music Marketing.

Cody, please tell us a little bit more about yourself and Organic Music Marketing and describe your journey as an entrepreneur so far.

Hello to all the readers. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. After graduating high school, I received my business administration degree from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, then moved back to ATL. My career in the music industry dates all the way back to my late high school years when I started out managing urban indie artists / funding some of their hopes and dreams. I was inspired when my best friends in high school, Tommie King and Logan started making music. I have always been in love with music in general, but never played an instrument, rapped, wrote lyrics, or had any interest in singing. I had to play a role in the process however I could, and ultimately I fit in as the guy that handles the actual “business” that goes down in the music business.

During that time I struggled to find any companies that offered legit music marketing services that were accessible for indie artists. I encountered so many companies that were ultimately offering empty dreams, false promises, and some even delivered fake results. Some of these companies / PR agencies weren’t even listening to the records before taking on clients!

After wasting a ton of funds working with just about every music promotion company available to indies that I could find, I realized that I would be better off taking on the marketing campaigns myself. After a ton of trial and error, reading, creating my own unique methods, and studying what the major record labels / rising artists were doing, I was able to personally run my own campaigns that delivered real / drastically better results for my artists than the companies we had hired in the past. After I had some success stories with my own artists, I realized I could use the same methods for other artists, then my company, Organic Music Marketing was born. After working hundreds of digital campaigns of all sizes and types, I learned how to maximize pretty much any size marketing / promo budget for any artist in any genre.

I am also a Music Video Producer with one of Atlanta’s most prestigious production companies, Resolve Media Group. We have directed and produced some of the largest music videos to date such as: Bad and Boujee by the Migos, Broccoli by DRAM, Sassy by Rapsody, and most recently Jefe by TI and Meek Mill. Over the years we have worked with practically every major record label and artists such as Future, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, K. Michelle, JID, Earthgang, T-Pain, YFN Lucci, Cyhi ThePrynce, Dreezy, and many more.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in the music promotion sector given the type of competition this sector has?

The main challenge that I faced initially was – having to explain to artists that the industry does not work the way they think it does. The industry is not like what you see on the news, internet, or TV. In reality, things work quite differently.

What kind of marketing services do you provide to the artists?

Our services include playlist promotion, online PR, social media influencer marketing, online advertising, music video production, music video promotion, web design, graphic design, and more.

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors?

There are various aspects of our company which differentiate us from other similar companies. We do not work with every artist that comes our way. We are selective as we only work with artists that we know we can deliver results for. We will not take on a campaign that we do not think we can deliver on, regardless of how large of a budget the artist has.

We are also transparent with our methods and show our clients how everything works. Many of our clients ultimately learn how to do some of our marketing services on their own after we coach them.

Moreover, we are available to our clients 24/7 and our involvement with the artists / attention given remains consistent from the initial pitching phases until the end of the campaign and we deliver real, organic results.

With the advent of various platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify and even Youtube, Music Industry has seen disruption like never before.How important do you see promotion and marketing via these platforms viz. a viz. traditional methods?

Marketing on platforms like YouTube and Spotify are extremely important right now. With the rising popularity of streaming playlists (they are becoming the new and improved radio) and YouTube starting its own music specific platform, we have focused most of our energy on promoting our clients on those platforms. We are not the biggest fans of Soundcloud promotion as the platform offers little to no return on investment for our clients.

Music videos Cody Patrick has produced recently with Resolve Media Group:

T.I. – Jefe (ft. Meek Mill)

Credit: Music Video Producer

Video Link

Rapsody – Sassy (Grammy Nominated for Rap Song of the Year)

Credit: Music Video Producer

Video Link

Recent Indie Artist Client Marketing Success Examples

Kayo Genesis – Distance (Music Video Promotion – 200,000+ YouTube views)