Amenity Kits Market – Segmentation, Major Players & Geographical Analysis, 2030

Innovative Airline Marketing Campaigns Increase Uptake of Amenity Kits during COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the travel industry. After resisting operational costs, stakeholders in the amenity kits market are giving into the clutches of the pandemic and launching new amenity kits. Singapore Airlines has partnered with British perfumer company Penhaligon to launch their business class amenity kits consisting of hand lotion, facial mist, and lingering fragrances of citrus, lily, and amber.

Amenity kits and individual pouches are notorious for million dollars in damages for airline companies. However, in order to maintain proper hygiene and sanitization, airline companies are giving into the idea of distributing amenity kits instead of providing them loosely in basket or in bathrooms. Thus, companies in the amenity kits market should capitalize on this opportunity to broaden their revenue streams. Airline companies are planning to launch innovative marketing campaigns to encourage business owners for air travel. Health & wellness brands have entered the limelight after the COVID-19 breakout. Inflight comfort amenities company FORMIA has collaborated with leather goods company Calego International Inc. to develop health and wellness amenities for airlines in order to make travel safe. Manufacturers in the amenity kits market are taking cues from such companies to establish national distribution chains. Industry-leading health & wellness brands are maintaining steady supply chains to boost their credibility credentials during the pandemic.

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Limited edition pink BRIC'S amenity kits offered to passengers | AMENITIES Magazine

Celebrity-favored Premier Luxury Travel Brands Grow Popular in Long-haul Flights

Product launches are creating value-grab opportunities for manufacturers in the amenity kits market. For instance, Qatar Airways has collaborated with celebrity-favored premier luxury travel brand BRIC to reveal its new line of luxurious amenity kits for passengers in its first class and business class cabins. Manufacturers are catering to the needs of passengers who board long haul and ultra-long haul flights. Gender-friendly kits are a new trend in the amenity kits market. First class female kits are being designed with adjustable straps that can transform into contemporary cross-body bag. Thus, style and elegance are an important aspect of female amenity kits.

Manufacturers are experimenting with new materials and colors in pouches to attract the attention of customers. They are also introducing masculine colors in pouches that can be later reused as washbags.

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Build-Your-Own Amenity Kits Help Minimize Single-use Plastic Waste

The amenity kits market is projected to cross a value of US$ 5.5 Bn by the end of 2030. However, companies in this market are under scrutiny for increasing the waste of single-use plastics. This is why companies are increasing awareness about build-your-own amenity kits instead of the one-size-fits-all concept. This ensures that passengers can choose their toiletries and reduce wasting of unused items.

Sustainable strategies are not only reducing plastic waste, but are also enhancing hospitality services in airlines, premium trains, and luxury buses. Several airlines are taking the initiative to ask passengers for a refill in shampoos and lotions instead of jumping to provide disposable ones. These strategies are reducing the pressure of plastic waste for companies in the amenity kits market. In order to attract business class and premium economy customers, airlines are offering refilled water in infused and sparkling options.

Creative Bag Designs Being Used as Powerful Marketing Tools

Innovative amenity bag designs are helping companies in the amenity kits market gain global recognition. This explains why the market is expected to progress at a steady CAGR of 1.5% during the forecast period. Manufacturers are innovating in a range of materials, including cotton, satin, and leather to meet niche requirements of travelers. Luxury embellishments such as gold zips, decorative fastenings, and buttons are grabbing the attention of passengers. New developments such as rectangular metal tins are giving the opportunity for airlines to offer products to keep as collectibles.

Companies in the amenity kits market are designing bags that cater to the future use of passengers. For instance, manufacturers are introducing kits that can be transformed into ladies’ evening clutch bags, iPad cases, and makeup pouches. Printed tins are offering increased visibility for airline companies in the form of powerful marketing tools.

Manufacturers Collaborate with Fashion Designers to Introduce Stylish Amenity Bags

Manufacturers in the amenity kits market are setting their collaboration wheels in motion to create revenue streams. American Airlines has partnered with well-known leather accessory company This is Ground to develop an impressive set of stylish amenity kits. Thus, startups in the personal care and lifestyle industries are tapping into incremental opportunities in the amenity kits market. Skincare brands are increasing their marketing capabilities to gain recognition.

Online lifestyle portals are playing a vital role to publicize new product launches. Apart from airlines, companies are exploring business opportunities in luxury bus travels and cruise ships. They are teaming up with fashion designers to innovate in pouches. For instance, the KLM Royal Dutch Airline collaborated with fashion designers from the Netherlands to develop unique comfort bags in 12 different colors.

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Amenity Kits Market: Overview

  • Amenity kits are small pouches or bags provided by airlines, cruise ships, and premium trains to its premium class passengers. The elements offered in an amenity kit differ widely in each airline, but typically contain dental care products, skincare products, earplugs, eye mask, and occasionally socks. The range of elements provided in the amenity kits has changed significantly in recent years. Furthermore, airlines are increasingly collaborating with esteemed brands to provide enhanced luxury to passengers.
  • An amenity kit is usually given to premium economy, business, and first-class passengers. However, some airlines are offering amenity kits to economy passengers as well. The assortment of amenity kits varies with travel class and airline.

Increasing Number of First Class and Business Class Airline Passengers: A Key Driver

  • Currently, amenity kits are widely used by business class and first-class passengers. Airlines and cruise ships prefer amenity kits to enhance the luxury experience of their passengers. The maximum revenue of airlines is generated through business class passengers as opposed to passengers traveling for leisure or personal reasons. Premium pricing usually brings passengers better service and higher quality amenities than economy-ticket offerings do.
  • The overall growth in fleets of passenger aircrafts is also anticipated to be a key market driver. Passenger demand is fueled by tourists and business people alike in light of growing affluence in emerging markets and increased trade relations among different countries.
  • Business travelers are willing to pay more for last-minute flights, non-stop, or premium-section seats. Furthermore, these passengers tend to purchase additional services and use frequent-flier points with other incentive programs. A growing number of high-income consumers with high amounts of disposable income spend on a broad range of goods and services, which is anticipated to drive the demand for amenity kits.