All Terrain Hoverboard

What do you think hoverboard is a toy for boys only? Well, you are completely mistaken, my friend! Hoverboards are being excessively used by both the boys and the girls. Regardless of the genders, hoverboards have become a piece of technology that is totally loved!

So, today we have compiled a list of the best hoverboards that perfectly suit the
girls. Therefore, if you are a girl and if you have craze of testing out the beautiful pieces of technology, then you must check out this blog!
Hence, without further ado, let’s dig in!


It’s an 800-watt dual motor that brings you a 10 mph maximum speed. Charging takes approximately 2 and a half hours and you can ride for up to twelve miles before charging again. The battery does not get overheated as it is certified.With the help of the smartphone app from Halo to record the battery timings and lifespan. The application enables you to track the distance covered and how many miles you have traveled on a specific path.

The unique feature of ride-assist is commendable; it helps to holds the hoverboard straight. This self-balancing scooter is comfortable to ride on.

Not yet comfortable in your abilities on the hoverboard? Use the learning level for beginners, then switch to Regular or Intermediate. This self-balancing scooter of 32 pounds can handle the weight from 22 to 250 pounds, so it has in mind both children and adults. The Bluetooth headphones is an additional feature; therefore, you can enjoy your favorite tracks while you’re driving.


You may claim that this self-balancing scooter is built to go over several hills, from the very first view. It’s large and strong, designed to maximize performance. Epikgo board is pretty stable as the wide all-terrain rubber tires make you go over gravel, water, mud, you can even ride it on muddy surface. The two 400W motors give you the power you need to maximize the speed, ride over anything, and power up to 18 degrees through slopes.

There’s likely no company that takes it more seriously than this one when it comes to the safety of the riders. All major U.S. security organizations have certified their hoverboards as safe, and that includes this one.

It has anti-slippery footplates, LED headlights and turning indicators and steel fender rim covers are additional safety devices. It used to be one of the costliest self-balancing scooters available in the market, but the price has dropped, and in the near future we hope to see some pretty enticing promotions.

3:  Gyroor

Gyroor supports many hoverboard versions, like F1, with Formula 1 inspired design. This board resembles the big brother of F1, who share similar elegant, smooth designs, but in important places is also chunkier. There are two motors underneath the elegant ABS shell, both designed to produce 350W of power. The rated maximum speed is 9.95 miles per hour, though you should think a little less about it.

It is comfortable to ride on, sturdy and up to 265 pounds’ load can handle. Apps include built-in Bluetooth speakers so that you can listen to music of your choice while riding the deck and LED lights to contribute to this all-terrain board’s futuristic look.


This hoverboard was designed for rides that are long. Its battery provides you with hours of quick, a commendable riding time, and its structure helps the hoverboard to fly across all manner of rough and tough surfaceswithout disruptive damage to the board. The battery is one of the most powerful and unique feature on this self-balancing scooter. It’s an additional lithium-ion option.

This takes 1.5 hours to charge a large battery, so you get a battery life span of 6 hours. This means smooth and long rides; the maximum speed of this board is 6.2 mph at 12 miles.
The angle helps the panel to fly up to 30 degrees, which is quite stronger than other slef-balancing scooters you can find on the market. As for the battery-powered engine, it’s a dual engine, each with 350 watts. They have utilized tesla motors brushless technology.

5:  Swagtron t6

This is the best all terrain hoverboard if you’re looking for a really heavy-duty model with its robust and strong dual motors, high-track 10-inch tires, and tough construction. Bluetooth speakers are also controlled by the Swagtronapp, you can enjoy your favorite tracks. Let’s think about the wheels, the most exciting aspect of this panel. The tires are tubeless with high-track pattern and stumbling blocks of the shoulder.

It turns into excellent stability and anti-slip power even on the most bumpy roads.
Would you ride this on rough surface? You can very easily use this one on steep surfaces and rocky roads. The powerful battery and the robust engine are the most important features that makes this board an optimal choice. Due to a SentryShield lithium-ion battery, the self-balancing scooter is fitted with a dual motor for a maximum of 600 watts. The board lasts for a short 12-mile trip with a maximum speed of 10 mph on a full charge, which takes around 2-3 hours.

6:  Ninebot by Segway

It has a powerful engine, high speeds, and a fun feature that gives you complete control over the segway off the lane. Choose the Segway miniPro if you want a time-tested electric scooter that can ride across curves, hills, and more.
If you like to ride quickly, you will be happy with the top speed of 10 mph of the miniPro. Nevertheless, you must first complete a New Rider Tutorial that initially limits your speed to 4.3 mph.


Once you’ve accomplished this, you should speed up. There’s also an auto-braking feature that kicks in as soon as you reach the top speed that can be shocking and distracting.

The last notable feature is the free app. This helps you to lock the Segway, switch security features, update software, customize taillights to LEDs, and more. While you don’t need the app to use the miniPro, by not taking advantage of it, you’d be doing yourself a great injustice.


While gazing at an off-road hoverboard, you should be mindful of some specifications and apps. Getting trained on details such as the top speed of the hoverboard, the strength of the motor, the battery capacity and more enable you to decide which model fits you. We hope the above list will help you find the best ones for yourself.