Air purifiers help to reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses and bacteria in homes and confined spaces. However, it has been found that portable air purifiers alone are not enough to protect from coronavirus. Hence, companies in the air purifier market are increasing awareness that air cleaners be combined with other recommendations given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to effectively combat exposure to the novel infection.

High-income groups hold lucrative opportunities for manufacturers in the air purifier market, since medium and low income groups are reluctant to spend on non-essential products and devices. Relaxations in trade and travel restrictions are anticipated to increase revenue flow in the market and global economy. The reopening of manufacturing facilities help to ease supply chain hurdles.

air purifier market segmentation

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HEPA-based Air Purifiers Emerge as Gold Standard for Clean Environments

Air purifiers are gaining popularity for eliminating allergens such as dust and pet odor. However, one must take note that such devices need frequent cleaning and maintenance. In many cases, these devices are not completely effective in eliminating gases and odors. Hence, manufacturers and startups in the air purifier market are focusing on developing HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)-based purifiers that are emerging as the gold standard for establishing clean environments.

Companies in the air purifier market such as LG and Filtrete have entered the race to develop HEPA-based air purifiers. Mobile designs, energy efficient performance, and effective filtration mechanisms are being preferred by users. Manufacturers should team up with air quality researchers to gain a strong research base in efficacious air filtration technologies.

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Bamboo Materials, Low Energy Profiles Key in Air Purifiers

Sustainability is a fast growing phenomenon in the air purifier market. Air purifiers of OneLife, Luftqi, and CleanAirZone are gaining recognition for minimizing waste, since washable filters are eliminating the need for filter replacements. Manufacturers are gaining proficiency in low energy profiles and environment-friendly hardware with the help of sustainably sourced materials such as bamboo.

Compact air purifiers compounded with deodorizers are gaining prominence in cars. Their easy plug and use properties are being preferred by consumers in order to keep their vehicle dust- and allergen-free. Manufacturers in the air purifier market are integrating digitized displays in devices that show the air quality, temperature, and humidity.

Ultraviolet LEDs, Photocatalytic Tech Help Break Down Pathogens

Innovators in the air purifier market are boosting their output capacities in battery-powered devices that are the size of a travel mug. Workplace environments and coffee shop owners are opting for portable air purifiers. Removable and washable filters are emerging as an alternative to disposable HEPA filters. Breakthrough technologies such as ultraviolet (UV) LEDs and photocatalytic tech are helping to break down pathogens and irritants.

Startups in the air purifier market are resorting to crowd-funding techniques to successfully launch their product in the market. The influx of air quality sensors is benefitting device manufacturers, since the sensors work in tandem with purifiers to measure the risk of viral transmission and molds.

Elimination of Disposable Filters Become Recurring Trend in Global Market

Purifying the air with natural biotics and enzymes are proving a game changer for companies in the air purifier market. The CleanAirZone device is gaining recognition for its proprietary cocktail of water, microbiotics, and natural enzymes to omit pollutants from the air. The elimination of disposable filters has become a recurring trend in the air purifier market. As such, retails store owners, supermarkets, malls, and stakeholders in the hospitality industry are under scrutiny for clean air environments, which is boosting the uptake of air purifiers.

Brondell is gaining popularity for its Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier, which uses the shotgun approach i.e. the combination of HEPA filter, a disinfecting UV lamp, a nano-crystalline filter, and a plasma generator. Companies in the air purifier market are taking cues from such companies to adopt innovative technologies that eliminate airborne irritants and contagions.

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