Artificial Intelligence has various application in agriculture ranging from rural automatons, facial acknowledgment, computerized water system frameworks, and driverless tractors. These applications are done in relationship with an alternate sort of sensors, GPS frameworks, radars, and other cutting edge contraptions dependent on AI. Considering these broad applications, AI is getting a colossal reaction from investors all around. Man-made reasoning (AI) is one such critical innovation in the present advanced agriculture that is being actualized and conveyed for more sustainable utilization of available assets. Increasing utilization and rising necessity of better yield of products are assessed to be one of the central point that is fueling the demand of robots in agriculture.

The report offers various perspectives into the various factors boosting market segments, competitive analytics, the market’s leading trends, and the restraints of the AI in agriculture. The study analyzes the various steps of progress witnessed by the industry considering current models that would impact the market over the forecast period of 2018 and 2026.

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Demand Outlook of AI in Agriculture: Trends and Opportunities

Usage of AI in agriculture offers different focal points, such as maximizing the product yield using machine learning and picture processing methods. For instance, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) collaborated with Microsoft to build up an AI-based sowing App that sends sowing warnings to ranchers mentioning the date following.

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Demand Outlook of AI in Agriculture: Regional Analysis

North America is evaluated to be the dominating consumer of AI in agriculture sector. This can be attributed to the high selection of trend setting innovations and item in agriculture part. Besides, selection of the prescient examination and remote monitoring innovation in agriculture is additionally contributing essentially towards the industry growth. What’s more, higher innovative awareness is additionally backing the use of the AI in agriculture.

Then again, Asia Pacific is foreseen to encounter high growth rate during the coming years owing to the increasing demand from developing nations; for instance India and China. Besides, increasing adoption of the mechanical technology and IoT gadgets in agriculture is additionally assessed to drive the use of AI in agriculture.

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Demand Outlook of AI in Agriculture: Competitive Landscape

The AI technology in agriculture is currently experiencing moderate demand with few established, international vendors dominating the sector globally.

Leading vendors offering AI in agriculture sector are Granular, Agworld, Pycno, Farmlogs, Hortau, Trimble, and Grownetics.

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