Advantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines.

MBBS in the Philippines

The MBBS course in the Philippines is one of the most respectable and renowned courses in the world. Students from over fifty different countries come here every year to complete their degree of MBBS and ensure that they have a bright and secure future. Click here to know more about the few advantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines.

Best Medical Institutes.

The Philippines is the home to the most private medical institutions in the world. In addition to that, most of the top institutes are recognized by the World Health Organization and are listed very high under the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Language Barrier.

One of the major advantages that the Philippines has over other foreign destinations for studying is that all the lectures and teaching are done in the English language, which means that anyone from any part of the globe can come and study here. More than ninety percent of the population speaks English, and the Philippines is one of the top three countries where English is spoken the most.


The best part about getting your MBBS degree from the Philippines is that you can do it without breaking your bank or overspending. The cost of transportation, food, accommodation is very economical while maintaining a decent standard of living. In addition, the cost of connectivity, entertainment, and even insurance is not too much.

Tuition Fees.

This is the biggest factor why most students prefer to study in the Philippines compared to any other country in the world when it comes to medicine. You can get admission to any college in the country without having to pay any donations. The average tuition fees of any top institutes range from 3000 to 3500 USD per session without changing much the consecutive years.

PBL curriculum.

The main advantage that the Philippines has over other top medical destinations worldwide is that it follows the same system as the USA, the PBL curriculum. Therefore, people who have appeared for the USMLE exams in the USA can easily complete their MBBS here with the same qualifications.

Literacy rate.

Even the parents of the students have no problem sending their kids to the Philippines for several reasons. First, the country’s literacy rate is well above ninety percent, which means almost everyone in the country is well educated. Second, it is a female-dominated society with about sixty percent of the workforce consisting of women, equal opportunities for boys and girls alike. Lastly, the warm and friendly behavior which the Asians are famous for only adds a strong point.

Food and Climate.

The Philippines is the ultimate destination for any student as one can easily get adjusted to this place. To begin with, the most important factor, the weather here ranges anywhere from 25 to 34 degrees throughout the year, which is pleasant for people worldwide. Secondly, you can find food from all cuisines here, which means you will not miss your home-style food.

While most colleges in the Philippines are a great option to pursue a degree in medical science, there are many colleges. Therefore, choose your college wisely and do thorough research as to which college suits your needs best.