Advantages of outsourcing your affiliate program

When you decide to outsource the management of your affiliate program, it is best that you look  for an agency that is experienced like the There are various advantages for using agency for your outsourced affiliate program management. The following are some of them:

Expertise and experience

When you decide to employ an agency in running your program, you have instant access to industry expertise and experience which you are unlikely to hire for your team in-house. They are the people who tend to have the experience in having to market and experience in having to run a variety of affiliates campaigns for marketing.


They are aware of the ropes and they know the way to use the rest of the marketing expertise in benefiting your program – from great design to SEO and creation of content, they are aware of what  you need and have the skills as well as contacts to give it all to you. They also know the affiliate networks, publishers, and technology to utilize to get the best results.

Strategy development

A good agency is the one which develops a strong strategy for your program, driving profitability and growth. As part of your marketing agency, they will be able to access to a pool of the experiences and ideas which can offer you a strategically sound and innovative or creative plan of action. They will be in a position to lay it out, showing you what they play to achieve with the aims.

Publisher network relationships

An agency already has existing network of effective and trustworthy affiliate publishers. It is what allows your program to access pool of affiliates that are already verified which have a relationship with the agency and your program manager.  They will at the same time, have access to a variety of channels as well as networks to find out the best affiliates for your type of program


From the onboarding and outreach to outgoing communication and the relationship building, there is a large amount of communication which has to happen between the affiliate partners and the program management. An agency will need to have the personnel and system in place so that they can handle this so that you don’t require to. They will at the same time, be experts at the type of communication which is required and not everyone is for that and it is known to be an area where many programs that happen in-house fall short.

Data analysis and the strategy shifts

The agencies normally have the knowledge and skills to analyze customers attribution data plus other metrics from the program in a way which is meaningful. They can then be able to translate the insights into program strategy which are effective shifts. This normally takes knowledge and skills of how different metrics are able to interact and what the implications are for the program on the overall.

Engagement of the publisher

The agencies experience knows the way of managing publishers. They know the way to keep them engaged, happy and motivated. They know what to give them to the best leverage, their media type, and they know when to give them a free rein of creating great content for you.