Most people think that painting is only for kids. They think that it’s only kids who can enjoy paint by numbers (malen nach zahlen). That is a lie, adults do enjoy colors by numbers too and this was proved in 2020 as hot and stylish trends that were done by grown-ups.

With this art, you can discover the ultimate unwind way and DIY your own adorable wall art and even for your friends. Painting by numbers is a calming, relaxing, and soothing way for unwinding and DIY.

For those who haven’t tried it just know it’s beginner-friendly and not complicated in any way. You can watch some of the beautiful artwork that has already been completed and you will find that it’s so satisfying to watch. In this article, we will analyze some of the most beautiful contemporary and stylish paint-by-number designs.


You can buy these kits they have classic artwork that you can actually recreate at home, also soothing scenes, modern designs, and illustrations that you can use.

  • Sunflower painting by number kit
  • Sunset landscape
  • Cat on a beach scene

Sunflower painting by number kit

Paint by number kit is featured with the landscape but most adults just love a simple floral design. For that, they are in a better position to capture some amazing summer vibes as they move out of the winter season. Purchasing a mood board boutique is the best option since it has a set of all tools needed for painting.

It has a sunflower picture drawn on quality A4 300gsm artist paper, it also has painting brushes with guides or instructions to follow and a numbered acrylic paint pots.

With a designer picture sunflower plant in a pot and all the tools and instructions, you can color the art with various colors and come up with the most beautiful sunflower paint for your bedroom or sitting room wall.

Sunset landscape

Most people are bored with restricted travels, holidays, and visits due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To cheer up your mood why can’t you try designing a nice picture of the sunset just for your own adventure? You can download some beautiful pictures on the internet and design one as we wait for COVID- 19 to pass.

Cat on a beach scene

For cat and kitten lovers, this is the perfect artwork you can design. Survey shows that this is a pretty unanimous craft to do. You can paint a cute cat gazing towards the beach to see a ready-to-go canvas that measures 40 by 50. It can be shipped from China. You can read reviews and for sure you will notice that it’s a nice art to buy.

We have other numerous designs that you can go for, we have only paid our attention to a few samples so you can check out more amazing designs.

Don’t have a mentality that crafting and enjoying paint by numbers is only for kids, adults can too enjoy. So if you are interested this is the perfect art you can engage in.


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