Accessories to look out for during photography

As you shop around for the cheap camera accessories, you have to ensure that you consider the following:

Bubble leveler

Although most cameras come with a built-in digital leveler, it is at times easier in having a physical bubble lever which you will always be able to refer to. The cheap bubble levelers are known to fit on the cold shoe mount of the camera, helping you to get a level and straight shot. As an extra bonus, you have to use them in leveling other items like the picture prints while mounting them onto the wall.

Battery holder

Majority of photographers do have several spare batteries for the cameras. But do you happen to have a method to ensure you keep the batteries in an organized manner? If you don’t, then you require a battery holder. There are battery holders for various capacities which you will find in the market like the four spare batteries or the two spare batteries. You can even get one for AA batteries. When using such battery holders, you can put them facing the same way and replace them upside down because it drain and need to be recharged. If you do that, you will know where all your batteries are as well as which ones require to be charged.

Memory card wallet

Similar to the battery holders, it is also known to be a good idea to have a wallet for the memory card. When you start your photography, you might feel that having a few memory cars is the best way so that you don’t accidentally misplace them. Though it is a good practice for some people, the truth could be that, the file sizes of the camera keeps getting larger. With that, it denotes that, you will likely require to carry several memory cards.

If you decide to utilize more than a single memory card, you need to have a system where you will place them organized. That is where the wallet for the memory card comes in handy. Utilize them for keeping track of your cards as well as knowing which ones are still empty and the ones which are full – by turning them upside down whenever they are full.

Silver sharpie

Have you observed that most camera gear tends to be black? Everything from the memory cards to the batteries to the body of the camera and the lenses, they all seem to be of the same color. It can make it trick having to label them with your name or indicators of telling them apart. You will have to utilize the silver sharpie.

It is one of the tools which you might not know that you need until you start using it. The important thing to utilize them for is for writing your name and unique numbers on each of your memory cards. You can do the same with the external hard drives, camera batteries, and other items and it will make your photography life easier.