9 Reasons Why People Go to Rehab in Thailand

Beautiful destination scene on Railay beach in Krabi region of Thailand

When people think of Thailand, it guarantees that they think about a tropical paradise, beautiful weather, stunning beaches, and fabulous food. However, what they do not think about is that it can be a healing and recovery place. While the Thai rehab industry is regarded as the most advanced in Asia and various Thai rehab centers have been treating thousands of addicts, there are still large groups of people unaware of it. In recent years, Thailand has established a perfect retreat for people seeking treatment for addiction and mental health problems.

In this article, we will look at just a few reasons why people worldwide choose Thailand as their rehabilitation destination.

1) Affordability 

Going to a private rehabilitation center can be very expensive. Thus, many people do not seek the help they need, even though going to a rehab center will financially benefit them more than being trapped in their addiction. However, the affordability of rehab treatment in Thailand is one reason people choose to seek help there compared to their home countries.

Through research, the average cost of 28-day inpatient treatment in Thailand is around $10,000-$15,000 while a luxury residential rehab facility in the US can cost about $80,000 per month. So, even when a person factors in travel costs, treatment in Thailand is less than half the price.

2) Excellent medical reputation 


Since the 1970s, Thailand has established itself as a popular medical tourism destination with its advanced techniques to give people quality treatments at lower prices. Medical services offered range from cosmetic surgery to dental work, to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Their private hospitals are of high quality and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Along with that, the English-speaking medical staff at various facilities is qualified and trained abroad. Having such a positive reputation in the medical industry gives people an added level of trust that Thailand’s rehab centers are centers of excellence.

3) Away from triggers and temptation

Relapse triggers can be both internal and external and can be anything that leads someone to drink or use drugs. Common relapse triggers include friends with similar habits, local bars, toxic relationships, drug paraphernalia, or a call from a dealer. Going somewhere away from the familiar environment allows individuals to focus on their recovery and not be continuously tempted by the things that may have caused the addiction to begin with. In rehab, addicts learn how to cope with potential triggers that can help them reintegrate into the environment that they knew previously without the anxiety that might lead them to fall into old habits.

4) Privacy 

This reason ties in with the previous because going to rehab away from home gives patients a privacy level without having people know their business. Depending on what cultural background someone comes from, they may not be comfortable with neighbors and people who are not close to them, knowing that they need to go on the road to recovery. By choosing to go to Thailand, the patient has privacy and seclusion and can keep their addiction and healing process to themselves to truly focus on their recovery.

5) Healing environment

Weather plays quite a role in a person’s mood. There have been studies that showed that weather could change how people act. Exposing skin to sunlight produces vitamin D, which promotes the brain’s serotonin production and lifts a person’s mood. Thailand is known for its warm, tropical climate and offers a better healing environment and positivity.

With clients being able to enjoy various outdoor activities such as biking, cycling, and rafting all year round, it provides them with a healing environment conducive to their recovery.

6) Holistic programs 

Thailand is a country that has a culture rich in holistic practices. This approach ensures that patients stay positive and not too drained by all the counseling and therapy, as treatments can be intensive and mentally wearing. Holistic treatment comes in; most rehab centers in Thailand offer clients a daily itinerary that includes meditation, massage, yoga, fitness training, etc. They also provide nutritious local and international meals to promote healthy diets and physical activity.

7) Great hospitality 

Drug addiction can result from many different things, but for people who are trying to recover, sometimes what they need is support and acceptance. Thailand is known for being “The Land of Smiles” because of its welcoming and friendly nature. By providing an environment with the feeling of being thoroughly cared for and supported in ways that they may not have experienced in the past, patients have a sense of comfort and can have a deeper level of support than they thought they could have.

8) Wellness vacation

There really isn’t anywhere more suited to addiction treatment and rehabilitation than tropical Thailand. By going to Thailand for recovery, the experience will be vastly different from traditional rehabs in the West. Rehab in Thailand offers luxury resort-style accommodation, holiday-like excursions, spa retreats, and a wide range of recreational and holistic activities. Combining addiction treatment with a location like Thailand gives people an immersive treatment experience while also providing them with a serene, peaceful environment that will calm and relax them as they begin their journey of recovery.

9) Various treatment options 

Whether you are looking for treatment for substance abuse, behavioral addiction, or mental health issues, a wide range of intervention services and treatment options is available in Thailand. There are also many rehab centers regarding location, price, accommodation options, and other variables.

There are plenty of positive reasons why people should choose Thailand as their rehabilitation destination. With thousands of people that have already gone through the recovery process, it has been proven to be an excellent choice. If you or your loved ones are struggling with an addiction or mental health problems, you can find recovery and rehabilitation options at thailandrehabguide.com.