An artist who goes by the name of 7Saachi yet his real identity remains hidden is literally giving away original paintings that use one of 3 elements of technology; QR Codes, NFC codes and Augmented reality. Some even include all 3. I did some digging online but could not find anyone else creating art using these methods. The art itself is abstract, but it’s how the technology is blended into the artwork that blows peoples minds. Before we get into that, let’s cover some basics on the artist, it will be quick. 7Saachi does not have social media, an Etsy or an eBay or even a website for that matter (see, told you it will be quick)
You can only find him by finding a 7Saachi tag somewhere within your surroundings and scanning it using an NFC scanner (or just tap your iPhone to the tag) That will lead you to a way of contact him and claiming your art. The tags read “Tap Phone Here For Good Luck” and has 7Saachi written on it. From the looks of it, he is not monetizing the art. Given how unique they are with the blending of technology on a physical painting (no batteries) , it may become something valuable for the ones who find it. Only time will tell.