6 Tools and Games to learn typing faster

The technological advancement is going on. Everything is developing so fast. Back in the days, people did their official work manually. So, the results of the work were less productive than the present days. In the old days, people used only a pen and paper for their work and now all the official work is done by using the computer.

People spending the maximum time of the working hour by typing on the computer. So here, those people are much productive who can type faster. So in this article, I am going to mention some games and tools to learn typing faster.

Typing Tool & Game Collection

Easy Type:

Easy type provides free typing lessons for beginners. Most importantly I loved their lovely user-friendly interface which is very easy to operate even kids can operate this. On the other side, it’s lessons available in different languages. So people, who do not know English they can also learn typing through easytype.org. As it is cloud-based software, you can access it from anywhere.

This app also allows you to make your own exercise as well. 

Animal Hunt:

Although it is not a game as such, the truth is that with this tool it will be much easier and more enjoyable to learn to type on a computer for those users who are beginners and who have never or rarely used the keyboard before. from a computer.

It contains 20 different lessons where it is shown how and where to put your hands on the keyboard and how to type the letters with the corresponding finger. It also contains a final exam with which users can test the skills acquired in the previous lessons.

Besides, it also has three games where they must be quick when it comes to typing the letters, otherwise, the city they had to defend will be destroyed.

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Fairy Magic

This is a game that will allow first-timers to familiarize themselves with the computer keyboard, teaching them to quickly locate the place where the letters are. Also, it is an “arcade” type game, that is, it takes place on a small stage and the controls are easy to assimilate. The mechanics of the game is that the player must type the correct letter on his computer to catch the letters that fall from the sky. The more letters you match, the more points you will accumulate. Of course, if the letter reaches the ground, the player will lose part of his life. If the player passes a level, he will go to the next level where the difficulty will be progressively increased.

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Crazy Monkeys

This is a simple game where the player must type the letters in alphabetical order in the shortest possible time since at the end of the game the time it took for the player to complete the exercise will be saved. You can also choose other game modes such as the reverse order of the alphabet, the order of the QWERTY keyboard (from Q to M), or even that the letters do not appear in a preset order, that is, that they appear without following any criteria.

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Air Typer:

An entertaining “arcade” game where the player pilots a warplane intending to travel thousands of miles to reach his destination. To achieve this, the player must destroy the enemy airplanes by correctly writing the words inside them, as well as hitting the corresponding letters to shoot down the numerous balloons that also seek to frustrate the player’s mission.

The player has three lives to complete as many missions as possible, and as the missions are completed, the difficulty of the game will be progressively increased. If the player manages to finish with several enemies, he will fill the progress bar that is at the bottom of the screen and this will allow him to destroy the rest of the enemies that appear on the screen by pressing the space bar on the keyboard.

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Typing Tone:

The game allows you to choose the difficulty of the game ( Easy , Medium or Hard). The letters appear from the bottom of the screen and go up at different speeds. The player must type the letters in a timely manner and as they cross the time frame at the top of the screen. If you manage to hit several correctly, you will be able to form combos that will allow you to earn more points per correct letter. If a letter passes by without the player being able to type it at the right moment, part of the life will be taken. However, the player may regain life if he then hits the following letters. In this way, the player will lose at the moment when there are several letters that the player cannot hit.

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There are lots of games you will find online. I hope you like my collection. Let me know if you have more suggestions of typing tools and games.