5 Ways Your Tradie Business Can Gain From Social Media With Minimal Time Investment

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  • 5 Social Media Tips That Will Boost Your Tradie Business
  • 5 Simple Yet Effective Social Media Tips for Your Tradie Business
  • 5 Ways Your Tradie Business Can Gain From Social Media With Minimal Time Investment

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Tradies have a huge workload, from finishing projects to managing operations, there’s always something to do. Which is why, these simple social media tips for busy tradies can help you build a good social media marketing plan.

Social media marketing is booming. With every passing year, more and more businesses are turning to social media marketing. From Twitter to LinkedIn, Facebook to Instagram, even tradies are proudly showcasing their work to potential clients.

In this environment, your tradie business should also consider turning to social media marketing to build a brand reputation. Your brand reputation is how people view your brand online. Positive online reviews, testimonials, and ratings can help you build a brand reputation. Another way to do this is by creating informative content that helps people learn about your industry.

Here are five social media tips for busy tradies and how they can help your tradie business:

  1. Create Accounts on Relevant Platforms

Instead of expanding your social media marketing plan to include multiple platforms, consider focusing on just a few. The social media platforms you choose should ideally be those where your target market is more likely to frequent. Facebook is a great social media platform for tradies.

Two other social media platforms that tradies should consider creating accounts on are Twitter and LinkedIn. YouTube is also a good platform for tradies, especially if you intend to produce video content for your business.

By focusing on relevant platforms, you can create better marketing plans and produce better content.

  1. Consider Target Marketing 

Target marketing involved narrowing your focus on who you’re marketing to. Say your tradie business is based on a certain geographical area. The people you want approaching your business are people from the area, that is, people who are likely to hire you for work. Marketing your business to a person in a mother city or country won’t help your business grow.

Target marketing can be done pretty easily on Facebook. You can choose filters related to the audience you want to showcase your content to. For a nominal fee, Facebook will make your content available to only people you want to show it to. You can also geographically limit where your content is shown.

Another way to target the market is to use geotagging. Geotagging refers to making your location available on the content you post. This can be done on some social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Conduct Market Research 

Market research helps you gather data and then analyze it to find answers that can inform business decisions. When it comes to social media marketing, one aspect of data gathering can be achieved through social media.

You can ask customers, potential customers, and visitors to fill out surveys, answer questionnaires, etc. This is primary data regarding customer experience. Your market research on customer experience can show you where you can improve your customer support.

Market research can be done for various aspects of your business, including gaining a better understanding of your customers. You can also improve your target marketing by understanding better who your target audience is, what they’re looking for.

  1. Create content 

On social media, you’ll need to create quality content on a regular basis if you want to get customer engagement. With hundreds upon thousands of content being generated every day, your customers’ social media feeds get overwhelmed every day.

You can ensure that your content is appearing by creating content and posting on a regular basis. Producing good quality content is necessary. You can post customer testimonials, reviews, previous work, and more.

With the client’s permission, you can also create an online portfolio of projects your tradie business has completed.

  1. Customer Engagement and Consistency 

To maintain a good reputation for your tradie business online, regular customer engagement is key. For tradie small business owners, this can take up time. You can consider alternatives like hiring a digital media agency to handle your social media for you.

You can also consider hiring someone who exclusively manages your social media account. You can alternatively also create a timeline for when you check your social media. Doing it early every day or after work can help you focus on your projects during work hours.

Customer comments should be replied to as often as possible, however. Even if you’re busy, consider addressing customer emergencies and queries as soon as possible.


A strong social media presence can help you grow your business easily. As a tradie small business owner, you can find ways to manage social media effectively. From outsourcing social media management to narrowing your focus to certain social media platforms, these are effective tips that can help your small business.

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