Writing is one of the best skills to earn money online (because content is the king and it will continue to rule for many years to come). Whether you want to make some extra money or to build a full-time career, writing can help you achieve your goals. According to a study, 73 percent of employers want this skill from their people.

Not only that you get to use your creative skills, but you also make money from writing. Here is how you can make money online as a writer.

  1.     Write Reviews

Writing reviews of movies, seasons, dramas, music, products, books, and even podcasts can help you earn money now. In fact, it is quite a lucrative option now and that too without requiring any professional experience. You just have to write in an engaging way and provide information.

Just find out the websites catering reviews. Here you can review anything from apps and gadgets to a restaurant or a service. You can also direct clients by sharing reviews from your social media platforms or writing some on your own website/blog. This way, you will not even have to buy the product, as companies would contact you. You have to play the cards right and garner enough attention.

You can also get in touch and work with some other reviews websites

  1.     Blog Away

Blogging is one of the most common ways to earn money writing. However, this arena has become saturated and highly competitive. But if you think you have it in you, go for it. Find a unique niche, but it should intrigue you as a subject. Passion is important when it comes to writing.

You can set up multiple blogs if you have the time and energy. Jot down the privacy policy, disclaimer, about, and contact us page.

However, bear in mind that blog writing is not swift money. You have to be patient and keep working. As for picking a niche, it should be unique, preferably unsaturated, and has an ample audience already.

  1. Guest-Blogging

Writing guest blogs is another easy way to make money online. Guest blog means you write a post for someone else’s site. Several websites allow contributor blogs where writers pitch their topics to the editors. If the editor of a blog finds the idea interesting, they would accept your pitch.

While many blogs do not pay guest writers, some contributor websites offer an adequate remuneration. However, before you send a pitch to a website, read its content carefully. See what kind of blogs that site publishes and in what writing style. Observing this simple practice will help you write accordingly and get your guest blog published without much hassle.

Even if the guest post is free for the first time, it can get you paid work. It helps you build your portfolio.

  1. Articles for Media Websites

If you have a flair for writing and an interest in current affairs, news websites are for you. Journalism is a competitive industry, but if you offer interesting, unique content, you will be able to make it. You can start by sending out some articles to media websites for free. Once you have made a mark on the digital space, it is time to go for paid work.

You can also contact new media websites (or old ones that are inviting articles or stories) with a news story or analysis. Ask them if they can commission the pitched article and sell it to them if they say yes.

  1. Write a Book

Gone are the days when authors had to go from door to door to get their book approved by a publishing agency. You can become an author easily, all thanks to self-publishing. While you can still contact a publisher, the arena is congested and it is difficult to cut it there. That is why people are resorting to self-publishing now.

You can write fiction and become a novel author or write a self-help book that can be related to by most people. However, you have to work with an entrepreneurial mind. You cannot earn for a lifetime or make a living for long by publishing just one book. You need to promote your book rigorously and yourself as an author. You might have to publish multiple books to make a mark and earn well.