5 ways to make money in GTA 5 Online

If you are a 90s kid, there is a high probability that GTA was a significant part of your growing up and your addiction to video games. The game has been so wholesome after all. With the right mix of quests, action, violence and a good story, it would be hard to find someone who played the game and did not fall in love with it.

Now, if you wish to move forward in the game and on a strong front, you will need to earn money too! In this article, let’s talk about the 5 ways through which you can make money in GTA 5 online!

PS: The ways mentioned in the article aren’t exhaustive, there are literally many more and you are free to explore the same. However, the ones that are mentioned below are a quick shot at the earnings so without wasting any more time, here we go!

Collectable item missions

The potential profit from these missions can go as high as $150k. A relatively hassle-free method which is pretty standard to all games, all you have to do is collect the item sets added to GTA Online. You can make short work and earn up to $150k per set- just be sure that you have read enough guides to know where to find the sets. These sets can be Online action figures, Online signal jammers, Movie props etc.

Double money events

Such events pop up almost every week and the mode is usually similar but not the same. The modes can be in the form of races, adversary modes, and vehicle cargo sales, among others. Also, there is no set frequency of these modes coming up and so always be on the lookout. In case there is a double money event on heists, you may just hit the jackpot!


Heists are usually very high earning but it comes with a set of investments too. Plus, you cannot go on a heist alone and will need 3 friends along. That being said, with a heist gone well, your profits can be as high as $400k per hour. Usually, an upfront fee of $200k will have to be paid for you to participate in a heist so make sure you are extra sure of what you are doing.

To give a small hack, the Pacific Standard Heist on Hard mode is usually on the most profitable (per hour) heist, so go for it!

Motorcycle Club

Starting a Motorcycling club can be another smart way of earning money on GTA 5 Online. The profits can go up to $80k/hour and you can continue with it while managing other events along. However, to start a motorcycle club, you will need a clubhouse, and business too. The collective costs for the same come around $850k.

To make money through a Motorcycle club here is a hack which we wouldn’t suggest in real life though! Cocaine production is really profitable with the cheapest quality cocaine selling at $975k. Also, a motorcycle club is a passive income so no harm in keeping it running in the background.


The last in the list and probably one of the most expensive to set up and also one of the most profitable too is the Gunrunning business. To begin with Gunrunning, you would need a bunker and be either a VIP or a CEO. You may choose to buy the supplies or simply steal them. Once you have the supplies though, the manufacturing will begin and then you can deliver them seamlessly. The profits on selling the guns have literally no limits on them so gunrunning can make for a good income too.Gunrunning

So folks! This “teaserish” article would have helped you for sure! We will be back with something smart soon!